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Brooke Makes a Decision About Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn feels the glory of Mateo's hands.
Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang

Justin tries to get Bill out of the house, but he's full of self-pity about the life he's lost. Justin wonders if Ridge will interfere with their relationship. He tells Justin he won't give up on her.

Creepy RJ walks to the office and catches Ridge staring at Brooke's picture. They don't have anything else to talk about except Brooke.

Brooke notices that Katie's smiling all the time and wants to know if there's a man in her life. Katie changes the subject and asks where things stand with Bill. Brooke admits it's not fair to keep all her men in limbo. She sends a text message to Bill. Katie asks what her plan is.

Mateo is thinking about $200,000 whilst rubbing down the lady of the manor. (I guess candles and a new massage table go a long way in achieving that goal.) 

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Charlie uncovers the portrait in Sheila's room. Sheila promises it will hang at the Forrester house. Charlie tells her she's setting herself up for a big heap of heartbreak because Eric's happily married. He tells her Ridge and Brooke are spending more time together.

Eric, Rick, and Maya are gossiping about Brooke and Bill. Rick admits he's torn between Ridge and Bill when it comes to his mother. They ask how Quinn's back is. Eric says it's better thanks to Mateo's magic fingers. He explains to them about the chat he had with the young man.

After Bill gets the text, Justin tells him to give Brooke time. He promises that if Brooke leaves, Liam will feel pain like he can't imagine.

Mateo tells Quinn to turn over. He takes his shirt off his sweaty body. Quinn tells him he's handsome. He claims he hasn't met the right woman. He lean's in for a kiss. Quinn encourages him, but it's all in his head. Later, Quinn tells Eric she's feeling much better. She doesn't need medications anymore. She reassures Eric he's the only man she wants.

Mateo gives Sheila a massage update. He tells her it will take time. He tells Sheila he knows what he's doing.

At Bill's, Brooke tells him she's made a decision. Bill talks about their vows and gives her some sweet talk. He says he lost his head and judgment, and promises he can be trusted. He pulls out her wedding ring. Brooke tears up and stares at him.