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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Learns About Kristina on General Hospital

Nathan is suddenly very popular.
Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Jason stops Liz from saying what she wanted to tell him. Instead, he tells her that he's got something new in the works. Once it's ready, he'll tell her since it will affect Liz and Jake. Liz decides not to tell Jason about Drew.

Six returns from checking out the ship. Huxley is still angry that someone may catch them. Huxley natters on and on and on asking questions. Six finally tells him that he's a coffee importer. Huxley asks if there is someone waiting for him at home, but Six isn't sure. The two decide to play poker. Later, Huxley gives Six his watch. (I think it's supposed to mean something, but for the life of me I don't know or care.)

Groupies show up at Naxie's house wanting a selfie with the self-help guru. (Is that a thing nowadays? Do people find out where advice columnists live and show up on their doorstep?) Maxie worries that they're anonymity is gone.

Alexis gets a refund check and letter from Kristina's school showing that she's no longer enrolled. Alexis wants to know why Kristina would quit school. Molly responds that her sister can be impulsive. Alexis thinks it has to do with Parker and tries to call Kristina, who doesn't answer.

Kristina and Parker are at Kelly's on a lunch date. Parker says she almost cancelled knowing that Morgan's anniversary is tomorrow. She didn't think Kristina would be in the mood. Kristina talks about Morgan and how they are alike. She admits that tomorrow will be hard. (For all of us Kris, for all of us).

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Kristina feels that the best way to honor Morgan is to live her life to the fullest. It's why she quit school and is focused on Parker. Parker's concerned about Kristina's parents, but she feels she can handle them.

Dr. Bensch shows up late for his date with Alexis, but she still isn't ready. They decide not to go to the Metro Court, but to Kelly's for something simple. Alexis narrowly misses running into Kristina and Parker.

Kristina and Parker head to her place for "coffee".

Franco thanks Liz for not saying anything to Jason, though Liz says she did it for Jason. Liz feels Jason needs to know the truth, but that it can wait until he's back from his trip. Liz says Franco needs to be the one to tell him.

Sam wonders what Liz was planning on telling them. Jason doesn't trust Franco, but doesn't think Liz would lie to him again.

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