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Perkie's Observations: Laura Confronts Ava About Nikolas on General Hospital

Kristina misses Morgan's memorial.
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Dean Paulson informs Parker that someone saw her and Kristina kissing, and that it's inappropriate. He tells her that she's fired. Kristina wants Parker to fight it, but wonders who would have turned them in. Just then, Alexis arrives to speak with Parker.

Kiki's happy that Ava's back in town. She's upset that her mother could have died in the clinic had Griffin not rescued her. Kiki wonders why Griffin blamed himself for Ava leaving in the first place. Ava claims they had a disagreement. Kiki mentions that she'll be seeing Avery at Perks. Ava wants to see her, but Kiki objects.

Father Cory stops by to see Griffin. He wants to take him back to his parish where he belongs. Griffin wants another extension because he needs more time. Cory asks if Griffin he's decided that he no longer wants to be a priest.

Father Cory questions whether there is another woman. Griffin says it's different than with Claudette because it's more than just physical. Griffin says he needs answers. Cory says he can't use the priesthood as a shield. He needs to choose a path and deal with the challenges.

Laura runs into Ava and is angry that she betrayed Nikolas. Laura says Ava chose vanity over conscience and Spencer will not get justice for his father's murder. Ava points out that the surgeries were not completed because she helped someone, but Laura doesn't care. Laura says Ava sold her soul to the devil .

Morgan's siblings gather at Perks for his anniversary memorial. Molly mentions that Kristina won't be there since she dropped out of school. Everyone discusses the new items at Perks in Morgan's honor.

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Kristina accuses Alexis of turning Parker into the dean, but Alexis denies it. Alexis says Parker is manipulating Kristina and accuses Kristina of disrespecting her. Parker says she's moving to Oregon and Kristina decides to move with her.

Laura tells Kevin about threatening Valentin with the gun. She says she knows it was wrong, but she wanted to see the fear in his eyes. Laura knows she can't win the civil suit without Ava's testimony, which will upset Spencer.

Laura says Spencer avenging his father's murder is the way he's dealing with the grief and she doesn't want to see him suffer. Kevin says Spencer will have to find peace another way. Kevin proposes to Laura.

Ava shows up at Perks to see Avery, not realizing that it's a memorial for Morgan. Michael sends Avery away with Joss and Molly, then tears a strip off of Ava. Kiki asks her mother to leave. Dante tells Ava that she's not welcome, so Ava leaves. Kiki wonders how she'll forgive her mother.

Ava gets a text from Spencer thanking her for all she's doing with the civil suit. Ava decides to go to Paris. Griffin arrives at her door.

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