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Dina Betrays Ashley on The Young and the Restless

Eileen Davidson, Melissa Ordway, Beth Maitland

Eileen Davidson, Melissa Ordway, Beth Maitland

Here is a quick wrap of The Young and the Restless:

Dina blurts out the truth about Ashley's paternity at her celebration. Ashley effectively shuts down Graham's attempt to discredit her. Ashley tells Dina another part of her died.

Hilary watches Tessa and Mariah talk. She senses their intimacy and calls her on it when Mariah ditches Devon for the night.

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Victoria confronts Nick about his decision. He realizes his sister is more concerned about her relationship with Victor than about his. She has another headache.

Billy admits he has to do some research on his family tree when he realizes he's not related to Ashley.

Victoria and Ravi share a drink at the club.

Ashley tells Jack how she figured out Graham's identity. Later, Traci and Abby overhear Ashley tell Jack that John never knew the truth about her paternity.

Graham and Dina argue. Dina gets upset with Graham for taking her cell phone and collapses. He doesn't call for help.