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Perkie's Observations: Grava Get Hot and Heavy on General Hospital

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Matt Cohen, Maura West

Matt Cohen, Maura West

Kevin says he's been thinking about proposing for months and wants to spend the rest of his life with Laura. She turns him down and explains that she doesn't want to be proposed to as a distraction from her problems with Valentin. Laura says she wants the fairy tale and admits she would say yes to a real proposal. Kevin warns that he will propose again and she won't know when to expect it.

Griffin says he needs to talk to Ava as a friend and explains how the bishop wants him back in his parish. He needs to make a decision even though he feels the church is his calling. Ava gets angry and accuses him of being cruel by coming to her despite her feelings. Ava says Griffin wants her to tempt him so that he can overcome the obstacle.

Curtis meets with Sharon, who explains the ins and outs of Nelle's relationship with her brother. She claims that Nelle was her mother's assistant and when the mother passed ways, she glommed onto Zach. Sharon says police have kept the investigation open.

Nelle and Dillon discuss why each wasn't at the memorial to support their significant other. Dillon says he wants to respect Kiki's grief, but wants to move forward. Dillon complains that Kiki is shutting him out with her premed program.

Dr Bensch runs into a sad Kiki. She explains about the memorial and Ava's hand in Morgan's death. Kiki blames herself and tells him how Ava switched the pills for her. David assures her that she's not responsible. Kiki feels that if she's nice to her mother, it means she condones her behavior. Kiki doesn't think she can let Ava back into her life. David covers her hand with his just as Dillon walks up and sees them.

Michael updates Carly and Sonny about Morgan's foundation. He says someone donated $50,000 anonymously. After Michael leaves, Carly tells Sonny that she thinks Ava is the donor and wants to find out for sure. Carly makes a call and discorvers that Nelle is the mysterious donor.

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Michael meets with Nelle and tells her about the donations that poured in. Carly shows up and thanks Nelle for her donation. After she leaves, Michael questions where Nelle got the money. Nelle admits she sold the ring and doesn't have a hidden agenda.

Alexis stops by to tell Sonny about Kristina's move. He's not concerned about the girl child. He thinks Kristina will learn something from the experience and mature. (I remind Sonny that Kristina is a Corinthos and will learn nothing. Ever.)

Dillon wonders why Kiki can't talk to him, but can speak to Dr. Bensch. Kiki says David reminds her of Silas and she can't discuss Morgan with Dillon. Dillon promises he's in this for the long haul and nothing will drive him away. (Well, except contract negotiations and firings!)

Alexis complains to David about Kristina and that Sonny didn't support her. David is sympathetic.

Ava says Griffin has a savior complex and likes the thrill. She reminds him she's a person with feelings. She says he doesn't know what he wants, but Griffin disagrees. He grabs Ava and kisses her. They move to the bedroom where they engage in very un-priestlike activities. Rowr!

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