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Wyatt Reveals Himself as Katie's Mystery Man on The Bold and the Beautiful

Darin Brooks, Heather Tom

Darin Brooks, Heather Tom

Brooke's first stop after dumping Bill is Ridge's office. She complains that she can't go home. Creepy RJ drops by and wants to know if she's going back to Bill's. He looks hopefully at Ridge when she tells him their marriage is over.

Wyatt and Katie are sharing lunch. When they are done, he wants to open the window. Katie stops him. She knows for a fact that it faces Eric's house and his mother might see him. Katie calls in and tells someone she's going to work from home. She's really not going to get any work done though. Not with Wyatt around.

Eric is telling Mateo that he needs an electrician to check a switch at the top of the stairs. He tells him he will look at it. Queric can't get over how talented their handyman is. The subject changes to Wyatt and how Quinn wants him to find someone.

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Brooke assures RJ she's okay. Even though his mother is clearly upset, RJ encourages Brooke to get closer to Ridge. After he leaves, Ridge tells her he loves her. They both admit they've broken promises they've made to each other. Brooke tells him Bill hit Liam, but stops short of telling him why.

Mateo tells Quinn there was a problem with the switch. He advises her to tell others to stay away from it for the time being, including Wyatt. She wonders why Mateo brought him up. He assumes Wyatt will be stopping over because his car has been in Katie's driveway for a couple of hours. 

Brooke tells Ridge he wants her when she's not available, but doesn't when she is. She talks about how she felt when he was gone. Ridge apologizes for hurting her. He wants to make it up to her.

Eric is looking for Quinn. Mateo tells him she might be at Katie's. Eric tells him they don't get along. Mateo says Wyatt is there and she probably went to see him. 

Katie and Wyatt are heating up in bedroom. Quinn knocks on the front door. No one answers, so she walks in. She calls out, but there's no answer. As she is about to leave, she hears a knocking noise from upstairs. She decides to investigate it. She goes into Katie's room and asks if she's okay. Wyatt dives under the covers. When Quinn presses Katie for the man's name, Wyatt reveals himself. Quinn is horrified.