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Perkie's Observations: Six Is Heading to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Griffin and Ava finish their sexy time. He reminds her that he needs to speak to Father Cory about his future. Ava figures he believes their sexy time was a mistake and they should never speak of it again.

Griffin assures her that it did mean something to him, but it's not easy for him to throw away his clerical years. Ava accuses him again of hiding behind the collar. Griffin says he's closer to an answer and hopes this wasn't a mistake for her.

Valentin tells Nina that he's THISCLOSE to buying out Derek Wells Media and wants her to be co-CEO. Meanwhile in New York, Jason's buying out DWM to run it with Sam. Both sign on the dotted line and Diane takes great pleasure in calling Valentin to let him know he lost the bid.

Patient Six took the speedy freighter from the other side of the world. He shows up in a bar in New York sweet-talking the barmaid. Six hides when two goons show up looking for him. The barmaid covers for him. When they leave, Six offers her Huxley's watch as payment.

As Six leaves the bar, JaSam enter from another door to celebrate their new adventure. (Let's guess how many near misses these guys are going to have in the next few weeks. I'm on the edge of my seat.)

Sam spots the watch on the bar and sees the name Huxley on it. The two question the bartender. Sam doesn't recognize him when she sees his picture.

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Michael tells Nelle about hiring Curtis to exonerate her. Nelle is certain no one will believe in her innocence.

Anna and Finn are back from their adventure. They prepare for phase two of their "Get Cassandra and Hopefully Valentin Plan". Anna says Cassandra is profiting from human misery by supplying drugs. Cassandra runs into them, having just arrived in town for Finn's treatment. She believes Finn and Anna are lovers and they don't deny it.

Nelle is distracted and late getting back to the office. Nina tears a strip off of her. Valentin accuses Nelle of being an opportunist and warns her that he'll be keeping an eye on her.

Curtis gives Michael an update on what he found out about Nelle. Curtis says there is a lot of similarities between how he met Nelle and how she met Zach. Michael mentions that Zach drowned because Nelle can't swim. Curtis shows him an article that proves Nelle is a gold medal swimmer. Duh, duh, duh.

Valentin runs into Cassandra who pulls him into a kiss. Nelle spots them and takes a photo.

Six boards a bus to Port Charles. 

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