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Eric Accuses Quinn of Being Unreasonable on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer, John McCook

Rena Sofer, John McCook

Quinn is railing at Wyatt and Katie after finding them in bed. She physically yanks Katie out of the bed and threatens to pull her apart if she ever touches Wyatt again. She accuses Katie of luring Wyatt into her lair and calls them desperate. Wyatt tells her to leave because she's acting psycho. He blurts out that Eric knows.

Eric seems impressed that Wyatt's car has been revving in Katie's driveway for hours. He confesses to Mateo that Wyatt is banging Katie on the regular. He yammers on about how good Wyatt and Katie are, and that he wanted Wyatt to tell Quinn first. Mateo assures him he made the right choice by staying quiet.

Rick and Maya are asking how Brooke is doing after she blew up her eleventieth marriage. They want her to know they support her. She thinks they are wonderful, but wonders how it will affect Katie (unlike when she was sleeping with her husband).

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Maya asks how Katie is doing. Rick says she's always in a good mood at work (yet she's never there and we know why). Insert an endless conversation about Katie's well-being right here.

Katie's flipping out about Quinn's reaction. She's afraid because she was assaulted (so says Annie Oakley). Wyatt tells her he will take care of it and talk to her.

Mateo is fixing the wiring at the top of the stairs whilst watching Quinn and Eric debate about Wyatt. Eric tells Quinn he was waiting on Wyatt to tell her first. Mateo texts Sheila that the Forresters are having an argument. Eric says he didn't lie and that she's overreacting. Quinn says he should have told her because they don't keep secrets (could Eric say he JUST found out? Nope.) Eric leaves because he doesn't want to hear anything they may regret saying.

Sneaky Mateo comes up behind Quinn at the fireplace. He tells her it will be okay. Suddenly, Quinn's worried that Eric will never come back and (GASP!) she doesn't want to be alone! Mateo lets her know that she's now alone because she has him.