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Perkie's Observations: Franco Dreams About Andrew on General Hospital

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Michael confronts Nelle about saying she wasn't a strong swimmer, despite being on her school swim team. Nelle counters that pools are different than other bodies of water and that Zach was too big for her to drag out of an ocean.

Michael basically questions why she's a lying liar who lies. Nelle says the family was influential and she was protecting herself. Michael says in this day and age lies always come out and that Nelle needs to change her ways. Michael decides to give her a clean slate.

Franco has a dream about young Drew that shakes him up. Liz still feels as though they need to tell Jason the truth, though Franco still feels that Quartermaines will cause problems.

Sam and Jason return from New York. He's certain that they can run this legitimate business. Sam tells him that if he ever feels trapped to simply walk away. (Because that's what one does when they're running a business that employs people. Just walk away.)

Brick tells Sonny that he's under surveillance and the phones are tapped. Sonny thinks it must be the Feds, but figures they won't find anything. Brick thinks it might have something to do with the call from Russia. Sonny updates Carly, but reassures her.

Kline's goons catch up with Six at the PC bus depot. Of course, he beats them up. He has one of them call Kline and tell him that they are returning Six to him.

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Liz introduces Franco to Stella. Stella mentions to Liz about a death certificate for one of her patients. After Liz leaves, Franco asks Stella about the process. Stella tells him that it's part of public record and anyone can find one online. Later, Franco checks the computer for a death certificate for Andrew Frank, but comes up empty.

Jason and Sam tell CarSon about buying Julian's company. CarSon are surprised since JaSam know nothing about anything. Sam says they'll learn together. Sonny's happy for them. Sam says she's forgotten something and needs to go back home.

Michael calls Curtis and tells him to stop investigating Nelle. Don't worry, she's eavesdrop evilly.

Six lets himself into Sonny's house and snoops around. He heads over to JaSam's and snoops around there. He hides when Sam comes home.

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