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Perkie's Observations: Ava Makes Room for Patient Six on General Hospital

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Maura West, Steve Burton

Maura West, Steve Burton

Six eavesdrops while Jason and Sam discuss their love for each other. When they head upstairs, Six sniffs Sam's coat one last time and lets himself out.

Scott pays Ava a visit to give her a check from Franco's art exhibit. He sees the two martini glasses and wonders who Ava's visitor was. Ava lies and says she hired an escort. Scott admonishes her and tells her to call him next time she's lonely because he's there for her.

Griffin tells Father Cory that he's made a decision. He's breaking his vows and leaving the priesthood. Cory tries to convince him otherwise, but Griffin says it's best for him and for the church.

Liz wonders what Franco is searching for online. He doesn't tell her about the death certificate because, say it with me, he's a lying liar who lies. Liz still wants him to tell Jason about Drew since it's taking a toll on him. Franco's not in a rush to do that.

Griffin tells Liz that he's leaving the priesthood, which doesn't surprise her. Liz says she knew something was going on with him and Ava. Griffin isn't sure what his feelings mean since he's never been in a real relationship.

Six heads to the cemetery and sees Morgan's grave. He mentions how he lost the last 5 years and doesn't know what happened. Ava runs into him and the two recognize each other from Russia.

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Six thanks Ava for helping him and asks if she knew Morgan. Ava says Morgan was a friend of her daughter's. Six asks how he died. She explains that Morgan was troubled and his death was an accident.

Six says he needs to lie low so Ava offers to have him stay at her place. She wants to help him so she can prove to herself that she can do the right thing.

Sam notices that her coat isn't in the same spot that she tossed it, but can't figure out what that's about. Alexis shows up and explains how Kristina has taken off with Parker. Sam decides she won't judge her sister.

Sam and Jason tell Alexis they bought out Julian's media company because they want a safe life for their children. Alexis is thrilled, though JaSam mention they'll be under scrutiny from the SCC. Jason wants to put the right spin on this. Alexis says they need to show who they're becoming and not who they were.

Ava brings Six home and lets him know that he can use her brother's old clothes since he's gone. She mentions how no one comes over so he won't be bothered. Ava gets a call about the sale of Julian's company and is not happy about it.

Ava finds out who the buyer was and can't believe it was sold to Jason Morgan. Six reacts to that name.

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