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Perkie's Observations: Franco Gets Answers About Andrew on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Deborah Strang

Roger Howarth, Deborah Strang

Ava explains to Six about Jason's death and resurrection. He asks for a picture. Ava finds one online along with information about the sale of the media company. Ava wonders what his interest in Jason is. Six spots a photo of Avery and mentions the background is Sonny's home.

Ava tells him that Sonny is Avery's father. Six asks her to get a message to Sonny. Ava says Sonny won't read anything from her and she doesn't want to provoke him. Six says if she takes the note to Sonny, it will prove she's the good person she wants to be.

Josslyn wants to find Oscar's father. He tells her that his mother moved from San Diego to Texas. Carly interrupts asking Oscar about his mother. Oscar says his mother is a doctor at Mercy named Kim (so not Brenda Barrett people, unless Oscar is a lying liar).

Valentin complains to Nina about losing out on the DWM deal. Jason shows up so Nina assumes he's there to fire and replace her. Nina pleads her case, but Jason says he wants her to stay.

Nina explains that she knew nothing about the business, but thanks to Maxie, she built the company up to what it is now. She thinks Jason needs someone who can show him the ropes.

Franco wants answers from Betsy since he didn't find Drew's death certificate. Franco says he needs to find peace to move on with Liz. Franco wants to see the grave, but Betsy wants to keep the truth from him.

Cassandra runs into Finn and Anna. Felicia overhears her talking about them being a couple and believes it. Finn's not happy that they have to keep up the ruse. Anna says Cassandra's drugs are killing people and she wants his help in bringing her down.

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Cassandra meets with Valentin and wants them to rekindle their past business and personal relationship. Valentin says he's married with a family and doesn't want to risk it. He says he's wealthy and doesn't need to work with her.

Oscar and Josslyn continue their online search, but decide they need his father's name to continue. Josslyn says she's good at snooping and thinks she can find something in Oscar's home that will clue them in.

Cassandra points out that she's running a hugely successful business. Valentin points out that her product is killing people and he can't live with that. She counters that he's killed people before and he's unwilling to jeopardize what he has now.

Betsy finally admits to Franco that Drew didn't die. She says she had to give him up because he wasn't safe. Betsy explains that one day she found Drew badly injured at the bottom of the basement stairs. She adds that Franco caused him to fall.

Ava heads over to Sonny's with Six's letter.

Six leaves Ava a note and heads out.

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