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Perkie's Observations: Ava Delivers a Message to Sonny on General Hospital

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Maura West, Maurice Benard

Maura West, Maurice Benard

Sonny wants nothing to do with Ava, but she wants to see Avery. Sonny accuses her of crashing Morgan's memorial and that she's not welcome near his family. Ava begs him not to turn Avery against her, but Sonny warns that the child will know the truth about her mother.

Ava gives him the note from Six. Sonny asks who it's from and Ava admits she doesn't know his name, but she helped him escape while they were in Russia. She's certain Six means Sonny no harm.

Betsy admits she didn't see Franco push Drew down the stairs and neither child would talk about it afterwards. Franco wonders why she didn't send him away, but Betsy explains she felt he needed her more. Betsy says she dropped Drew off at a hospital and that was the end of it. Franco's upset that he was capable of hurting his "brother".

Laura joins Lante at the Metro Court and tells them about declining Kevin's proposal. Lulu tells her to say yes next time, which Laura agrees to.

 Griffin tells Kevin he's no longer a priest and is at peace with his decision. Kevin however, thinks it's natural for Griffin to feel conflicted. Griffin says he enjoys helping people, but no longer as a priest.

Six is walking through the park. He hides when he spots Jake and Liz. He has a memory of the night Jason asked Liz for Jake's kidney. He watches and listens when Jason walks up and interacts with them.

When Jake runs off, Jason asks Liz what it was she wanted to tell him. She's interrupted when Jake runs back and mentions the hiding man. Jason goes off to check, but Six has taken off. Jake says the man seemed safe. (I have to ask why Jake wouldn't have recognized Six since he knows what Jason's old face looks like.)

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Ava gets home and finds Six is gone. Griffin shows up and the two talk about their night of comfort. When Ava calls him "Father", Griffin tells her that he's no longer a priest. He admits that he fought it for a long time, but that it's the right choice. Ava wonders what this means for them.

Franco tells Liz that he went to see Betsy again. He lies again and says she told him that Drew wasn't Jason's brother after all.

Kevin shows up at the restaurant. Laura thinks he's going to propose, so she has Lulu sit away from them with her camera phone ready. When Kevin goes down on one knee to tie his shoe, Laura is disappointed.

Kevin reminds Laura that she wanted to be swept off her feet with a grand romantic gesture. He says the Metro Court is not it. Laura's apologetic. Kevin promises that when he does propose, she'll never see it coming and it will be worth it. (I adore Kevin!!)

Sonny reads the note which says, "Meet me where you and Robin spread Stone's ashes". He can't understand it since only he and Jason know that. Sonny summons Jason. He shows him the note and explains it came from Ava. He tells him about the call from Russia.

Sonny decides he needs to meet this person. Jason feels it's a trap and he's being set up. Jason wonders who it came from just as Six stands on the bridge waiting for his lovah to arrive!

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