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Bill and Liam Make Amends on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Scott Clifton

Don Diamont, Scott Clifton

Steffy comes to Spencer to make another plea for peace. Liam tells her that he won't erase the flash drive. He doesn't want to lose the leverage he has on Bill. He's fearful of what he will do to exact revenge if he gives up. He tells Steffy he doesn't want to her to intervene anymore.

Justin stops by Bill's to give him the flash drive with his confession on it. Ken assures the men he deleted all Liam's stored files.

Justin and Bill interrupt Liam and Steffy. Justin tells him he is loyal to one man, Dollar Bill Spencer, CEO of Spencer Publications. Bill tells Liam he's reinstating himself. Liam is confused. Bill informs him all of his files are deleted. He tells Liam to get out of his chair.

Katie and Wyatt admit Bill and Liam are both mishandling their situation. He is concerned about Liam's well-being. Alison calls to tell Wyatt what is happening at Spencer. Katie wonders if Wyatt should go help Liam. He decides to wait it out.

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Steffy wonders why Bill is coming after Liam so hard when he told her he wouldn't. Bill gives Liam a stern lecture about family loyalty. He claims Liam was too power hungry to care about having his back after he apologized for starting the fire.

Steffy warns Bill to leave Liam alone. She tells Bill he crossed many lines and put everything into motion. She tells Liam he was wrong to steal the company from Bill. She wants them to work together and come to a solution...right now.

Liam admits to Bill recording him wasn't his best moment. Bill says he was wrong to hit him, but he deserved it. Bill tells him how angry and betrayed he felt sitting at home. He questions what his father would have done to him. He says the Spencer way is to eliminate enemies. He tells Liam to thank his wife, who was a calming force for him. 

Liam wonders what Bill is going to do to him. Bill surprises Liam by saying he loves him and wants them both to forgive each other. Bill tells Liam he loves him, and wants his son and family back. Liam tells his father he loves him too and they embrace.

Sorry for the lack of recaps this week. I was late at work most nights and have a friend in town. Enjoy your weekend!