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Perkie's Observations: Franco Puts Off Telling Liz the Truth on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Kiki stops by to see Ava. Scott was worried about her because he thinks she paid for sex. Ava reassures Kiki that she didn't pay for anything, but did sleep with someone. Kiki spots the note from Six and thinks he's the man. Ava explains how she saved him in Russia.

Kiki uses her brain and figures out that Ava slept with Griffin. She reminds Ava that Griffin is a priest. Ava tells her that he isn't any longer. Ava says they're just letting things happen and Griffin has made her feel human again.

Anna wants to confess something to Griffin, but he tells her that he's no longer a priest. Anna knows he was questioning his place and wonders what happened in Russia. Griffin explains what happened with Ava and how he found closure. Anna's not happy that Ava is involved.

Griffin still believes in redemption and says Ava has changed. Anna tells him that she and Finn are together. Griffin points out that Finn is newly drug-free, and just lost Hayden and his baby.

Sam meets with Olivia and Carly to plan the launch party for the media company. Sam says Jason wants to make an honest living and be free of his past. Carly agrees to the clean break and says they'll all still be friends.

Jason's worried about the man at the bridge, but Sonny doesn't think it was an ambush. Jason talks about the phones that are tapped, but Sonny doesn't think any of it is a threat.

Franco's drawing a photo of original recipe Jason. When Liz wants to see what he's working on, he won't let her. Franco's still upset at all the lies that Betsy told. Liz feels he needs to talk to someone about it, though he just wants to focus on his future with her.

Klein and his goons are trying to figure out how to find Six. The goons want to grab someone and draw him out. Klein's worried about Sonny and doesn't want to provoke him.

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Franco heads over to talk to Andre. He tells him about Drew's fall down the stairs. He says he can't tell Liz. Andre questions whether Franco believes himself to be a threat to Liz's boys. Franco says he loves the boys, but is still worried.

Franco doesn't want to tell Liz or Jason that Drew is still alive since they'll both want to find him. Franco worries that Drew might remember the fall down the stairs. Andre agrees that Franco shouldn't tell anyone because Betsy could still be lying.

Carly and Sam meet up with their men at the house. Jason tells them about the problem with the phones. He figures there is a federal investigation monitoring those who call him. He thinks they should continue with the launch party.

Sonny and Carly don't think they should attend the party since they need to keep their distance from JaSam. Jason disagrees, but wants this friends there. They eventually agree to go.

Jake tells Liz the man in the park looked like the old photos of Jason before his surgery. Liz is worried, but Jake says he felt safe. Liz wants to speak with Andre about it.

Kiki and Ava run into Griffin. Kiki thanks him for rescuing Ava and being there for her. Ava invites Griffin out to dinner and he accepts. After Ava leaves, Anna walks up and warns Griffin.

Olivia's gathering her staff for the launch party, which includes the two goons. 

Klein gets a call from Andre, warning him that someone (Franco) is connecting the dots and getting close to the truth. (Duh, duh, duh.) 

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