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It's the Fall of Sheila on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown

Eric stops by the restaurant to see Sheila. He wonders what she's up to. (Funny thing...this place was always full until this week). She tells him that Quinn is having an affair with Mateo.

Eric is upset that he bought a massage table so Quinn could screw around with Mateo. He admits that Sheila is the only truthful one in his life, the only one he can trust. He complains that Quinn's portrait doesn't deserve its place and it will come down pronto. Sheila comes clean and says she has a portrait too. He tells her to bring it to the house so he can replace it.

Quinn tells Wyatt that Sheila underestimated her, but gave Eric the ammo they need. Wyatt is concerned about how she is handling Sheila (because she's a psycho unlike Quinn).

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Sheila comes to the house. Eric welcomes Mrs. Forrester. He thanks Sheila for her support, then offers her a martini. They trade out Quinn's portrait. She's so giddy, she doesn't see the set up. (Yes, Sheila is blind to a set up).

Quinn comes home and tells Sheila to get out. Sheila puffs herself up and confronts her with all the bad things she's done with Ridge and Mateo. She promises that Quinn will be erased. Sheila tells Quinn to leave. Quinn sees Sheila's portrait. Eric comes up and watches his women. Quinn says she's not leaving...ever. Quinn tells Sheila to leave.

Sheila wants back up from Eric, but he just stares at her. Does Sheila finally realize she's been played?