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Perkie's Observations: Monica Has a Special Gift for Jason on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Leslie Charleson, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Leslie Charleson, Kelly Monaco

Sonny doesn't understand why Six looks like Jason. Six says he is Jason, which makes Sonny wonder where he's been for five years. Six says it feels more like 6 months to him and explains that Klein was keeping him drugged and under control.

Ava's looking up Jason online and finds photos from before his "death". Griffin arrives for their date, which Ava forgot about. Griffin suggests they stay in, but Ava thinks it's because he doesn't want to be seen with her in public.

Griffin apologizes. Ava says she's busy and shows him Franco's drawing of "Jason". Griffin recognizes Patient Six. Ava explains about Six being in town and shows Griffin the online photo of Jason Morgan.

Ava says it's what he looked like in 2012 before the reconstructive surgery. Griffin wonders if Six is dangerous to Sonny, but Ava doesn't care about that. Griffin thinks they should call the police.

Jason and Sam are getting ready for the party. They explain their new venture to Danny. Sam admits she's scared to be jumping into the unknown, but Jason assures her they'll be fine since they're together.

Michael questions Nelle about her stay in a mental hospital and why she never told him. Nelle admits she had a breakdown, but that she's put it behind her. She wants Michael to stop digging into her past. Nelle points out that there are things Michael hasn't told her, which he admits. Michael says he'll respect her privacy from now on.

Maxie wants Nina to rehire her and offers her an inclusive into the world of living with Man Landers. Nina is impressed with the offer and admits she was thinking of rehiring Maxie anyway. Nina says Maxie needs to respect her marriage to Valentin though.

Amy's sad that there won't be a Man Landers anymore. Nathan hears her talking to her brother and is surprised to realize that Chet doesn't know that Amy is the voice behind the man. Amy says Chet thinks the VA is paying his bills and would be embarrased to know that it was her.

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Michael runs into Nina and thanks her for pulling strings and getting the theatre tickets that Nelle had. Nina says she didn't do it.

Nathan tells Maxie that he's done with Man Landers, but Maxie says he has to continue.

Monica stops by the penthouse with a gift for Jason for his big night. They're cufflinks that belonged to Alan, which indicate a rebirth. Monica is thankful that Jason is putting the violence behind him and choosing a better life.

Sonny wonders why Six went to Ava instead of him. Six explains he went to Sonny's and Sam's. He also saw the man who claims to be Jason Morgan. Six doesn't understand how people think this man is him.

Sonny says there were DNA and other tests done, and that Jason knew things only he could know. Six gets angry. He says he and Sonny are best friends and brothers. He begs him to say he knows Six is really Jason.

Sonny puts his gun down and says he knows that Six is really Jason and they hug.

*Disclaimer: Since both Steve and Billy are currently playing characters named Jason Morgan, and until the show tells us which one is really which, I will be calling Steve, Jason1 and Billy, Jason2. Hopefully that won't be too confusing for everyone.*

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