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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Celebrate Their Next Phase on General Hospital

Michael dumps Nelle.
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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Sonny and Jason1 go over the details of the past five years. Jason1 mentions seeing Liz with a ten year old in the park. Sonny explains how Helena grabbed Jake, but he's alive. Sonny also tells him that Robin is alive and it won't be easy for Jason1 to come back to his life.

Ava doesn't want to tell the police because it might cause trouble for Six, but Griffin points out that there could be serious danger. Ava suggests they go to the launch party since she believes Six will be there.

Jason2 and Sam arrive at the launch party. Carly congratulates them and waits patiently to hear the new name of the company. Nina tells them that she's ready to collaborate with them. Alexis tells them how proud she is.

Dante congratulates Jason2 and says it's impressive that he was able to get out from under Sonny's thumb. Jason2 says the the most important things are his wife and kids.

Monica tells Jason2 that Alan is smiling down at him and that all she wants for him is to be happy. Liz offers her congratulations to Jason and says she's thankful that he and Franco are being civil for Jake's sake.

Carly spots Grava and confronts them. She tells Ava that they're not welcome and to leave. Griffin recognizes the two goons from Russia and tells Dante.

Michael tells Nelle that they aren't going to the play because he knows she didn't get the tickets from Nina. He says she wanted him to choose between the play and the launch party. Michael also questions why Nelle would tell Carly they're moving in together.

Nelle's pants catch on fire as she continues to lie. Michael gets tired of it and tells her that he's not playing her games. He doesn't want to live his life like this anymore. When Nelle questions their future, Michael says he wants them to spend time apart.

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Michael says there is nothing real between them. While he doesn't believe that she killed her fiancé, he doesn't trust her.

Andre complains to Klein that someone will find out the truth. Klein hands him a paper and tells him to throw Franco off the scent. Franco interrupts them, so Klein leaves.

Franco's upset because Jake saw someone with Jason's old face. He believes that means Andrew is still alive. He says he needs proof, so Andre hands him the paper that Klein gave him. (I'm guessing it's a forged death certificate.)

Carly introduces Jason2 and Sam to the crowd. Jason2 makes a speech and announces the company's new name as Aurora Media. Sam explains that a year ago they were planning on moving to Aurora and the name means a new dawn.

Sonny explains to Jason1 why everyone thought the other one was him. Jason1 questions whether Jason2 is in on it. He wonders if he was working with Helena the whole time, which Sonny doesn't believe.

Sonny says Jason2 has been trying to distance himself because he wanted a new life with Sam. Sonny wants Jason1 to tell Sam he's alive. Jason1 reminds him there are goons after him and it's not safe.

Klein meets with someone on the pier and gives him a needle. (I'm guessing it's for Andre to shut him up, but it could also be for Franco, which would make me very happy.)

Dante tells Jason2 about the goons that Griffin recognized. The two plan to take them out. At that moment, the two goons draw their guns on the crowd. 

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