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Bill Insists on Liam's Loyalty Regarding Sky and Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful

Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Liam questions if they are all equal since he feels out of the loop. Bill explains to him Sky will be built on the Spectra lot as planned. Justin and Bill tell Liam that Spencer owns the trust that owns the land, not Sally.

Sally informs Shirley that Bill is back to running Spencer. Sally insists nothing's changed with the property, but Shirley thinks he will find a way. She calls Sally out on her crush, but Sally insists she's no home-wrecker. Shirley tells her to look out for number one.

Steffy is concerned about Brooke being alone in that big old house of hers. Steffy admits she would like to see her and Ridge back together and wonders if she's made a decision. Steffy tells Brooke that Liam and Bill forgave each other. They are all running the company and very happy together. Brooke and Steffy talk about what a great man Bill is.

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Bill insists he's not giving up Sky. Wyatt pipes up that Bill is trying to compromise by letting Liam's programs stay in place in exchange for Sky's downtown address. Liam questions Wyatt's choices after all the tricks Bill pulled to get the property. He tells Bill he owes Sally and he won't back down.

Bill picks up a rag and starts wiping Sky down. Liam and Wyatt agree that his attachment to her is weird. He explains how Sky will increase the value of downtown LA and bring jobs with it. He tells Liam he is not signing the trust over to Sally. Wyatt sides with Bill, which leads to an argument with Liam.

Sally admits that Liam is the greatest man she's ever met (since Thomas, that is). Shirley gives her some man lessons and tells her things will work out for her.

Bill questions Liam's loyalty to the family, company, and employees. He thinks it's perfectly fair to relocate Sally to another space. He tells Liam to accept the building is going up and wants him to be excited about it.