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Perkie's Observations: Sam Is Rescued By a Knight in Shining Armor on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

*Disclaimer: I've managed to confuse myself with the Jason1 and Jason2, so until the show tells us otherwise, Steve will be known as SBJason and Billy's character will be BMJason.

Klein tosses Sam into the water and SBJason jumps in to rescue her. When he pulls her out, Sam comes around long enough to question how he found her. Then, she lapses back into unconsciousness.

Carly demands answers from Sonny, who tells her that the man he was with was their Jason. Sonny explains he went to the safe house to meet him. Carly gets upset when she hears that SBJason pulled his gun on Sonny.

Monica tells BMJason that Sam was taken and that skylight man was trying to rescue her. BMJason heads out to find his wife.

Dante updates Jordan about Sam being taken hostage and the man who chased after them.

Griffin and Ava head to The Rib to calm down from their ordeal. Griffin wonders who Six is and how he's connected to Sam. He thinks Six might be related to the Quartermaines. Ava feels they should let the police deal with it now and stay out of it.

As they prepare to leave, Griffin offers to drive her home. Ava says she's tempted but knows that they'll end up in bed together, and she wants more than that. Griffin backs off. He wants a second date, which Ava agrees to.

In another part of town, Joss and Oscar are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Joss asks to meet Oscar's mom, but he deflects. Once she realizes they're home alone, Joss decides it's time to find clues about Oscar's paternity.

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Eventually, they find a letter written to Oscar's mom from 2003. They read it, but find no signature. The letter indicates a gift was given. Joss is determined to find out what that was in order to find out who dear old dad is.

Franco hangs around while Jordan questions Monica, but she's too rattled to give any answers. Monica pays Liz a visit. She tells her that skylight man looked like Jason, but it couldn't have been since he was at the hospital with Liz.

BMJason wants information from Dante, who shows him the hotel footage, but skylight man can't be identified. Dante tells BMJason the man came in with Sonny.

Franco wants to talk to Andre about Jason and Andrew, but the good doctor's not interested.

Jordan wants Sonny's help with finding Sam. She asks about the man who came into the hotel with him. Sonny denies any knowledge of anyone. After Jordan leaves, Carly feels Sonny's judgement has been affected. He says he knows his best friend.

Carly demands to know where SBJason has been for 5 years, but Sonny doesn't have an answer. Carly says they proved that BMJason was the real deal with DNA and fingerprints.

BMJason arrives, demanding to know what's going on and who those men were. BMJason says the fourth guy arrived with Sonny and demands to know where his wife is.

SBJason storms in through the doors, carrying an unconscious Sam. Gotta say, THAT was a soap opera moment. 

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