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Liam Revives the 60s With a Planned Sit-in on The Bold and the Beautiful

Scott Clifton, Courtney Hope

Scott Clifton, Courtney Hope

Liam delivers the bad news to Sally that she and her crew must vacate the building. He tells her Bill is the true owner and despite their great strides, is pulling the plug. Sally is confused and crushed, wondering how she and Spectra will pull through this latest crisis.

Steffy tries to convince Bill that he's pulling a fast one on Liam. Bill spins it to make it sound like Liam is defending Sally at all costs. He explains that he offered them a better, modern, up to code building, but Liam rejected it. Steffy tells Bill to give Liam some time.

Liam tells the dejected designer that Bill offered to move Spectra, but Sally isn't interested. She tells her crew the bad news about the building. Shirley says the building is her family's legacy and no matter what the law says, they are staying. She threatens to stand tall against the wrecking ball. Liam agrees to help them with a silent protest.

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Steffy agrees that Sally is a problem and has been since she came to Los Angeles. He accuses Liam of having a thing for her to get under Steffy's skin. He tells her Sally's getting attached. Bill adds that Sally has caused so many problems for his family, she must be separated from them for good.

At home, Steffy and Liam talk about Bill's plans for Spectra. He tells Steffy he's helping Sally and arranging a sit-in. She tells Liam he's being ridiculous and Bill didn't do anything wrong. Liam disagrees. Steffy questions why he's so attached to this project. She refuses to let Liam organize the protest.