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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Questions Jason on General Hospital

Laura accepts Kevin's proposal.
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Steve Burton, Vinessa Antoine

Steve Burton, Vinessa Antoine

BJason orders SJason to put Sam down because he wants to get her to the hospital. SJason tells them that he couldn't take Sam to the hospital because it's too dangerous. Carly stands around looking gobsmacked.

Jordan shows up, demanding answers. BJason thinks SJason is working with the other men and doesn't understand when Sonny defends SJason's actions in saving Sam. Jordan hauls SJason down to the station for questioning.

Andre's upset with Klein, saying he didn't sign up for all this violence and mayhem. He says he only wanted to finish his research. Klein says this isn't what he wanted either, but was forced to throw Sam in the water to protect himself. Andre says he's compromised and needs to make plans.

Lulu helps Kevin set up a romantic dinner for Laura. Kevin tells Laura that he doesn't need to get married, but he wants the commitment. He questions what she wants. Laura says she wants to be with him and the wedding can be small. Kevin gets down on one knee and proposes. Laura accepts.

Finn stops by to see Anna and complains that Robin contacted him to find out his intentions. Anna claims Robin sees her mother as fragile now. Finn says Cassandra isn't sick and he doesn't want to make something up that will jeopardize his medical license. Anna agrees to end their pretend relationship and let him out of her operation.

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Nina and Valentin find Goon3 bleeding on the docks. He tells Valentin (in French) to contact Klein. Dante arrives and recognizes Goon3 as the one who took Sam. He questions him, but gets no answers. Dante accuses Valentin, but he claims he had nothing to do with what happened. Later, Nina questions Valentin about Klein, but he brushes her off. Klein reaches out to Valentin, who ignores him.

At the hospital, Sam comes to long enough to mutter something to her doctor. BJason is not happy about the imposter. Sonny tells Dante that Sam was tossed in the harbor and the imposter fished her out. Dante wonders who the imposter is. Sonny tells him that it's Jason.

BJason sits at Sam's bedside. He tells her that he's Jason, and he loves their life together and promises they'll make it.

Jordan takes SJason to the station, but he lawyers up the minute he gets there. Carly shows up and tells him to keep quiet, which angers Jordan. Jordan says if he won't talk, then she'll take his fingerprints and find out who he is. Carly says he's Jason. 

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