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Perkie's Observations: Andre Confesses His Nefarious Deeds on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Anthony Montgomery

Roger Howarth, Anthony Montgomery

SJason shows up at Sonny's where he and Carly share a long hug. Carly apologizes to SJason. She blames herself for believing the other man was Jason, convincing everyone that's who he was. Carly says there was a huge hole in her heart when he died and she turned BJason into him.

Sam has a dream about both Jasons being in her room. When she wakes up, BJason is there. She tells him when he pulled her out of the water, she saw his old face. BJason tells her that he was at the hospital and wasn't the one who pulled her out.

BJason explains that the man has his old face and claims to be Jason Morgan. He explains that CarSon believe it as well. BJason explains how the other man dumped her on Sonny's couch and left. He tells her she should know he would never leave her side.

Andre finds Franco waiting for him in his office. Franco demands the truth, saying Andrew is alive and Andre knew all along. Andre finally admits that Andrew is alive and says he tampered with two men's memories.

Michael pops by the station to get an update from Dante because he heard about SJason's return. Michael says it would explain a lot because BJason never felt like the real one. Dante says SJason was released and they are waiting for his DNA results.

Maxie tells Nathan and Amy they need to continue to be Man Landers so that she can get her job back at Crimson. Nathan says he can't risk fraud charges, which upsets Maxie. When Amy accuses Maxie of being self-involved, Maxie puts Amy in her place. She points out that Amy lured Nathan into Man Landers and forced him to lie to her. Maxie says she's been putting up with tweets from women attacking her. She says she didn't ask for this, but now needs it to advance her career.

Carly complains she should have known SJason was the correct one. She feels BJason became less and less like the original over time and did things the original would never do. (Heaven forbid anyone would think of themselves rather than CarSon.)

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SJason explains about what happened Russia. He says that when he saw the newspaper, he realized he'd lost 5 years. He's happy that he gained Robin and Jake, but talks about losing Morgan. Carly explains how bad that loss was, then tells him he needs to go to the hospital to see Sam.

SJason asks if the other one loves Sam. Carly admits that he does and that he was good to the family. Carly feels Sam needs to know he's alive.

Andre explains to Franco that he was working with the WSB on a memory mapping project. He invented a program that puts one person's memories into someone else's mind. The WSB backed off the project, but someone else hired Andre to continue the project.

Andre says he found his test subject 5 years ago when he was shot and tossed in the water (SJason). He explains there were twin brothers and he transferred the memories from one to the other. Andre says he can't put the memories back.

Andre says both men believe they are the real Jason Morgan. Franco questions if Andre knows who is who. Andre has a print out with the details and tells Franco to undo the damage he's done.

SJason shows up in Sam's room and she realizes that it's really him. 

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