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Perkie's Observations: Franco Admits He Lied to Liz on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Sam thinks she's losing her mind. SJason reaches over and takes her hand, telling her that she's not crazy. Danny arrives to see his mother, curious about who the newcomer is. BJason arrives and warns SJason to get away from his family.

Carly arrives and takes Danny away, and the two Jasons have at it. SJason says he doesn't know what happened to him for five years, but insists he's Jason Morgan. BJason accuses him of lying and wants the imposter to leave.

Before SJason leaves Sam's room, he asks about Danny. She tells him that Heather and Franco lied, and Danny is her and Jason's son. Carly returns as BJason is throwing his weight around. He threatens to call security on SJason.

Carly says she told SJason to pay Sam a visit since she believes him to be the real one. Epiphany comes in and is surprised to see SJason. She quickly tells him to leave so Sam can get some rest. BJason wonders to Carly who he is if he's not Jason.

Andre stops by Anna's to let her know he's leaving town tonight. Anna is shocked, then concerned when he mentions all he was trying to do was help people. Andre asks her to remember him at his best. Anna questions what happened.

Andre says he was doing his life's work, hoping it would be his legacy, but it went wrong. Anna offers to make tea to hear him out, but when she gets back, he's gone. Later, Andre tosses his files in a dumpster and sets it on fire.

Liz finds Franco in Andre's empty office, so he hides the Jason information in his pocket. Liz is surprised when Franco tells her that Andre has left town.

Klein wants Valentin's help in getting out of Port Charles safely. He swears he's not a gangster, but was simply fulfilling an obligation to someone. Valentin wants no part in this, but Klein begs for his help. Valentin makes a phone call. It turns out the call was to the police, and Klein is arrested.

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Cassandra wants her test results from Finn, but he wants to discuss them in his office. She agrees to wait until her scheduled appointment. She wants to invite Finn and Anna out to dinner. He's about to tell her that he and Anna are no longer together, but changes his mind.

Cassandra runs into Valentin, who still wants nothing to do with her and her operation. Cassandra talks about Finn and his girlfriend. Valentin misunderstands and tells her that Finn's fiance dumped him. Cassandra mentions Anna, which intrigues Valentin.

Anna heads to the hospital and runs into Finn. He tells her that he didn't tell Cassandra that they were breaking up, but warns her to stay away from Valentin.

SJason spots Franco and Liz. He rushes over and starts beating the crap out of Franco. (Gotta say, wasn't sad about that.) Hospital security breaks them up and SJason ends up at the PCPD with Carly.

Carly explains that Franco is alive, fills him on on the brain tumor, and tells him he isn't Jason's brother. She also tells him how she almost married Franco in her grief.

Liz is nursing Franco's wounds, confused about the man who looks like Jason. Liz remembers the various conversations with Franco about the twin and accuses Franco of knowing the truth all along. Franco finally admits it.

Klein is brought into the station, and SJason spots him. SJason tells Carly not to call Diane because he knows this was all a set up. He realizes someone did this to both Jasons and he needs to find out who.

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