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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Questions Ava About Six on General Hospital

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Maura West, Maurice Benard

Maura West, Maurice Benard

Franco admits Jason had a twin, but lies for the eleventieth time. He says the twin is dead and shows Liz the fake death certificate. Liz feels JaSam need to be told this information. Franco talks her out of it. He wants things sorted out with the imposter first.

Alexis shows up at the hospital looking for information. BJason gives her the update and that tells her the imposter is now at the PCPD for beating up Franco. After he leaves, Sam explains to her mother about seeing SJason. Alexis wonders if his story is true and where that leaves Sam and Bjason. Sam says she loves her husband and the life they built together.

SJason questions Klein about how long he was at the clinic and who paid to keep him there. Klein has no answers, having only dealt with the boss via email.

Diane warns Sonny that he might be getting played by the imposter, but Sonny firmly believes that man is their Jason. Diane heads to the station to get SJason out. The minute she sees him, she also believes him to be the real deal.

Diane said she always had doubts about BJason. Boy, that hindsight in everyone is really 20-20. Diane wants SJason to plead temporary insanity, which he refuses. He says he needs to find out what Klein knows.

Scott spots SJason at the PCPD and heads right over to confront Franco. He knows there are twins. Franco admits that Andrew is alive, but he can't tell anyone because he almost killed him as a child.

Scott questions which Jason is which, but Franco says they both believe they are the one. Scott wants him to tell everyone, but Franco says Liz will think he's a monster and he can't lose her. He begs his father to keep quiet and Scott agrees.

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Sonny runs into Ava and wants to know who was holding Jason captive. Ava says she only dealt with the staff and denies any involvement. Sonny accuses her of lying, but Griffin defends Ava, reminding Sonny that she helped Patient Six escape. Griffin lets Sonny know that he's no longer a priest. Sonny can't believe that Griffin would leave the priesthood for Ava.

Curtis meets with BJason, who doesn't understand why CarSon are believing the imposter's story. He asks Curtis to help him find out the truth and tells him to start with Franco.

Liz tells Monica about the imposter attacking Franco and being arrested. She feels it's exactly what the real Jason would do. Monica refuses to believe that the imposter is her son. She says she knows in her heart that BJason is her son.

Sam is released and BJason takes her home. He promises they'll figure out what's going on and believes the imposter is a fraud and that he's her husband.

Curtis breaks into the art studio and snoops through Franco's stuff. He breaks into the desk and finds the death certificate that Franco hid there.

Liz shows up at the PCPD to see SJason. 

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