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Bill Traps Liam and Sally In an Explosion on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

Don Diamont

Sally and Liam are trapped and unconscious under the rubble after Bill blows up the Spectra building. Bill, Steffy, and the demo crew are freaking out and yelling at each other because Justin gave the all-clear. 

Wyatt is sitting in Bill's chair talking with Katie. He thinks he's the future of Spencer since Bill isn't keen on Liam acting like a caped crusader. Katie gets Stormy's heart beating with worry about what could go wrong.

The Spectra gang come running at Bill wondering why he couldn't wait to detonate the bomb. Shirley attacks Bill, crying that he killed Sally and Liam. The crew foreman tries to stop Bill and Steffy from going in, but they don't listen. Justin tries to take the blame for the accident. Shirley says he and Bill are both to blame.

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Liam comes to coughing up a lung. He yells out for Sally, who is still knocked out next to him.

Steffy and Bill are crawling around the wreckage without hard hats or safety gear. Bill repeatedly calls out for Liam and Sally (Steffy only calls for Liam), but get no answer. The crew foreman goes in after them with hard hats and flashlights. He advises them to leave, but no dice. Steffy wants to split up, but Bill doesn't think it's a good idea to get separated.

Sally comes around and they start calling for help. The building above them moans and groans, indicating they are not out of danger. Liam assures Sally that they will be okay because they are fighters. He tells her he will stand by her.

Wyatt and Katie get word from Justin that the explosion hit a complication. Katie gets upset when she hears the news.

Sally talks about how much Liam means to her. She confesses that she loves him in a pure, innocent way, for who he is and what he's done. She says she will never meet anyone like him ever again. She musters up all her strength to kiss him. They keep at it until the building makes noise.