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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Get Closer to the Truth on General Hospital

Alexis gets news about Julian.
Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller, Roger Howarth

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller, Roger Howarth

Liz pays SJason a visit in lock up. He admits he was the man that Jake saw in the park. SJason talks about beating up Franco and how he would do it again. Liz claims Franco has changed because of the brain tumor, yada yada yada.

Liz tells him about her relationship with Franco, and how he's good for Jake and the other boys. Liz tells him Susan had twins. SJason then figures Sam's husband is his twin, but Liz fills him in on the death certificate.

Liz confesses that she kept secrets from BJason in the past and she regrets it. SJason questions how she knew the other one wasn't him. Liz says she believes BJason to be the correct one because of the DNA tests. She has no explanation for SJason's existence.

BJason tries to convince Sam the other guy is a fraud. He wants her to say she believes him to be the true Jason. Before Sam has a chance to answer, Curtis sends photos of Franco's drawing of "Jason" and Andrew Moore's death certificate. Sam notices that the death certificate has the same birthdate as "Jason".

Scott tells Alexis that Julian was badly beaten in prison and it wasn't the first time. He feels Julian has nothing to lose and won't stay away from trouble. Diane walks up as Scott tells Alexis that they need to keep Julian safe.

Diane believes Julian is trying to manipulate Alexis again and warns her not to go and visit him. Alexis says she doesn't want him to die.

Anna is shocked to find Valentin hanging out in her house. He questions her relationship with Finn and believes that it's to get to him. Valentin's ready to tell Cassandra that Finn is up to no good.

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Anna backs down. She admits she knows everything about Cassandra, and that Valentin was a jewel thief. She says Cassandra has been dealing with synthetic opioids. Valentin admits that Cassandra wants him to join her operation. He says that while he's a thief and a killer, he's not a drug dealer. Anna tells him to join Cassandra's organization and be her spy.

Finn tells Cassandra that her test results are negative, so she can head back home. She tells Finn that she'll be staying in PC a little longer because there is a business opportunity here.

Diane tells Franco that she's representing "Jason" and wants him to drop the charges against him. Franco says "Jason" has anger issues and belongs in jail. Diane warns him that she'll drag Franco's past into the light if he doesn't.

BJason and Sam storm into the studio and demand answers from Franco. Franco explains that Andrew was Jason's twin, but that he died. He hands them the death certificate. BJason demands the picture of the boys and Franco gives it to him.

Sam warns Franco that the imposter will kick his ass. Franco wonders if her husband knows that she believes the other one is the real "Jason".

BJason wants to look into the Andrew angle now that he has the photo. Sam promises to have his back.

Alexis heads to the jail to see Julian. 

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