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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Gets Strong-Armed by Cassandra on General Hospital

Amy gets a surprise at the hospital.
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Jessica Tuck

Jessica Tuck

Valentin turns down Anna's offer to spy on Cassandra claiming she's a dangerous woman. Anna calls him a coward and says Cassandra should not be allowed to bring her poison into the city.

Valentin's worried about his family. He warns Anna to back off or he'll tell Cassandra the truth about her, sending Cassandra underground.

Cassandra spots Nina and Charlotte enjoying a sundae together and "accidentally" bumps into them. She charms them both. Meanwhile, her minion films the whole thing and manages a selfie.

Alexis is shocked at Julian's condition and questions whether he's being targeted. Julian says he didn't start anything and being the head of a mob family isn't really providing him protection.

Alexis tells him about the two Jasons and how this might affect the sale of the media company. Julian questions how Sam is doing with all this information, but Alexis doesn't feel comfortable discussing Sam.

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Maxie and Nathan are doing a photo shoot for their "Woman Behind the Man" story while Amy sits in the corner and fumes. Maxie and Amy argue about everything, including how the story is being written. Once Amy leaves, Maxie decides to rewrite the article to make herself look better, despite Nathan's concerns.

Monica's concerned about a John Doe patient. He was brought in with an opioid overdose and signs of a serious infectious disease. Finn lends his expertise and the two discuss who this man could be. Monica also wants the opioid crisis to end.

Cassandra summons Valentine and shows him the photo she took of Charlotte and Nina. She wonders what they would do if they knew what Valentin did to Claudette. Valentin agrees to work with her.

Amy gets to work and is assigned to John Doe's room. She shocked to see that it's her brother Chet. 

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