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Perkie's Observations: "Jason" and Sonny Pressure Klein on General Hospital

Maxie is rehired at Crimson.
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Steve Burton, Gene Farber, Maurice Benard

Steve Burton, Gene Farber, Maurice Benard

Anna finds Valentin waiting for her. He tells her that he will help her bring down Cassandra's organization, which makes Anna suspicious. She wonders what Cassandra has on him, but Valentin claims he's trying to protect his family.  

Anna worries whether or not she can trust him. Valentin is determined to help her get all the information she needs. Finn shows up as Valentin is leaving. He says he wants back in. He fills her in on the John Doe who was brought in to the ER.   

Anna says she's found another way, but Finn insists. Anna says he may be putting his career and life at risk, but Finn says it's worth it.  

Nina reinstates Maxie at Crimson as an executive fashion editor. Maxie's quick to let Nelle know that she will now be assisting both her and Nina. Nelle heads to Nina to ask for a raise.  

Nina says she's willing to give Nelle a raise, but right now things are financially unstable with the media company. She promises that she'll have something once it's settled.  

Michael checks in with Sonny, who continues to gush about Jason's return. Michael is more hesitant to believe it. He wonders if SJason will forgive him for not knowing that Sam's husband wasn't the real deal.  

SJason wants answers from Klein. He swears he doesn't know who his boss was since everything was taken care of electronically. Klein's bail is posted and he's released. He calls Valentin to thank him, but Valentin says he wasn't the one who posted it.  

Amy's worried about Chet, who wants nothing to do with her. Nathan sees she’s upset. She explains that the John Doe brought in last night is her brother. Nathan says he needs to find out where the pills came from.  

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SJason tells Carly that he won't plead temporary insanity and he'll go after Franco again. Carly says Franco is somewhat reformed and that SJason needs to focus on getting his life back first.  

Nelle runs into Michael and wants to be the shoulder he leans on with this latest family crisis. She offers to listen and be there for him since she never stopped loving him. Michael firmly tells her that they are done. Carly spots them from a distance.  

Carly questions Michael, who admits that he and Nelle split up. He doesn't want to discuss it with his mother. She says he can talk to SJason about it.

Nelle runs into Valentin. She tells him that he needs to convince Nina to give her the raise or she'll blow his marriage out of the water.  

Sonny has his men grab Klein. He wants to know who the big boss was, but Klein continues to claim ignorance. Klein says he was ordered to track down Six and bring him back. He says he simply comunicates via phone.  

Sonny takes Klein's phone and sits it on the desk, waiting for the boss to call. Klein begs to be released. All he wants is a fresh start somewhere to continue to help people.

SJason arrives and throws his weight around by demanding answers that Klein claims not to know. Klein's phone rings.  

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