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Steffy Questions Liam's Loyalties on The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Scott Clifton

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Scott Clifton

The ER doc tells Liam and Sally that outside of lung irritation, they are fine. He advises them if they keep coughing for more than 48 hours, or with blood, they should return.

Steffy walks in wondering what the doctor said. She gives Liam a big hug in front of Sally, pretending to be concerned about her.

Coco, Saul, and Shirley are trying to use the explosion as leverage against Bill. He tells them he's not the heartless killer they make him out to be. He offers to expend a new place for a year, but Shirley only sees it as a pay-off scam.

Brooke is gobsmacked about the shenanigans at Chez Spectra. She wonders how Katie knows so much about what ha-happened at the explosion site. Katie hedges on the details about Wyatt's information stream.

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Bill comes into the Liam and Sally's room to check on them. Liam brushes him off whilst Bill tries to find middle ground. Steffy whines that Bill just wants to make things right. Liam just doesn't believe that Bill didn't try to kill them on purpose.

Saul tells Sally he should have been there. He kisses her on the forehead. After he leaves the room, Sally remembers her hot kiss with Liam in the rubble.

Steffy and Liam get home. Steffy tells Liam she would never have been in the situation that Liam put himself in. She thinks Bill was just conducting business as usual. Liam disagrees with Bill's tactics.

At home, shaky Bill tries to drink some booze. Brooke pops out of nowhere and asks how he's doing. She wonders if he really blew up a building with his son in it. Bill says he didn't know Liam was there. He explains he and Liam had a clean slate. He wants one with Brooke.

Brooke puts on her Doc Taylor hat and explains to Bill that he should werq on his violent behavior, then things might change. She tells him she's seen how he treats poor Liam. He thinks she should concentrate on how Liam treats him. She wants them to learn from each other. Bill blames Liam for running back into the building. Brooke questions if Bill's actions are really accidents after all. He dismisses Brooke and her opinions. She leaves.

Liam asks Steffy if she's mad at him, but she denies it. She blames Liam's actions on Sally, not him. She see's Sally as a user that will never change. She tells him to let Sally's battles go.