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Perkie's Observations: Klein Sends Information to Ava on General Hospital

Nina handles Nelle.
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Maura West, Hayley Erin

Maura West, Hayley Erin

When Klein's boss calls, he tries to arrange a face to face meeting. The boss declines. Klein worries what SaSon will do with him now. Sonny takes the phone so Brick can trace the call. Klein begs SJason to spare his life.

Nelle shows Valentin the photo of him kissing Cassandra. Valentin can't believe she has the audacity to try to blackmail him. Valentin says he could make her disappear and no one would care, but he can't be bothered.

BJason wants security for Danny because he's afraid of the imposter trying to take his life. Sam doesn't think the imposter is there to harm them, seeing as he saved her life. BJason questions Sam's thoughts on the matter. She says she loves him and their life together.

BJason says he went to see Betsy to get answers, but that she'd cleared out and disappeared. He just wants the life they created. BJason is worried that the new guy has an agenda. Sam agrees it's all a set up, but doesn't believe the new guy is a part of it.

BJason wonders about the death certificate. He thinks if it was faked, then it means his twin is still out there. Sam says they need to wait for the DNA results.

Cassandra stops by Nina's to invite her for lunch, but Nina's too busy. Cassandra runs into Valentin and mentions dropping by to see Nina. Valentin warns her to stay away from her.

Kiki's thrilled to hear that Ava is reopening the gallery, and that she and Griffin are becoming a couple. Kiki believes this to be a new start for her mother. Ava's still concerned about the scar.

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Oscar finds a CD that his father gave his mother, but they have no CD player to listen to it. The two head over to Sonny's (because no one else in town owns a CD player and Sonny wasn't in this story yet). Joss claims they're working on a research project. Later, the kids listen to the CD, but find no clues of who the baby daddy is.

Nelle returns and she's upset. Nina pushes her, so Nelle shows her the photo she has. Nina recognizes Cassandra as the woman Valentin is kissing, but then realizes that the photo is a month old. Nina accuses Nelle of holding onto the photo to use it. Nina fires Nelle.

Valentin arrives to an angry Nina. He knows Nelle showed her the photo. He says Cassandra is a business associate in town for treatment from Finn. Nina wants to know if there is still something going on. Valentin admits there is.

SJason wants Klein to finish Ava's surgery. Klein argues that it's his own technique. SJason insists he be given the formula so she can finish the treatment here. Klein gives him the formula and SJason has it delivered to Ava on a flash drive.

Kiki and Ava check the flash drive. While Ava recognizes Klein's handwriting, she doesn't understand the medical jargon. Kiki realizes they're notes on how to treat burn scars.

Sonny says he's releasing Klein and he should be careful since Brick was able to determine his boss was in Port Charles.

SJason shows up at Sam's door, conveniently while BJason is out.

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