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Sally Begs for Liam's Silence on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Hope, Scott Clifton

Courtney Hope, Scott Clifton

Liam starts the day with a cup tea, a cough, and a flashback of his intimate moment with Sally. Coughing Steffy comes in and tells him Bill texted her to check up on him.

Sally is having similar flashbacks and coughing fits. Coco says she will never forgive Bill for them losing Spectra.

Wyatt and Bill talk about his floundering relationship with Brooke. Wyatt defends Bill saying there was no way he could know Liam and Sally darted back into the building. Bill is sad that Liam is done with him too. He thinks Sally will be more of a needy head case than ever before.

Sally admits to Coco that without Liam she wouldn't have survived. She tells Coco that she told Liam how she feels.

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Liam tells Steffy that Bill should have never leveled the building. Steffy wonders about his obsession with defending Sally. She thinks Liam and Bill should go back to their place of forgiveness and understanding. Liam doesn't think it's possible since Bill clearly tried to kill them. He doesn't want to be a part of Bill's self-love fest with Sky. Steffy tells him he needs to cut ties with Sally and kiss her goodbye. Liam says he needs to go, and does.

Wyatt is kissing Bill's ass by telling him he's living the dream running the company with his father. Bill thinks no good will come from Liam helping Sally.

Liam shows up at Sally's. She tells Liam their kiss never ha-happened. She claims she said she loves him because she thought they were going to die. Liam apologizes they couldn't stop Bill. He encourages her to use her talent to start up again.

Steffy goes to Bill's. She tells Bill the family needs to heal. Bill tells her he and Brooke are done. He whines that Brooke is not as understanding as Steffy. He tells her how wonderful she is.

Liam tells Sally that he has to tell Steffy the truth about their kiss. Sally doesn't think Steffy will ever understand, despite the circumstances. She tells him she will take their secret to the grave, but Liam just can't live with it hanging over his head. She begs him not to tell her.

Steffy tells Bill that she's learned to handle things better in her life because of Liam. She trusts Liam's commitment to their marriage.