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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Delivers the Test Results on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Jordan announces that both men share the same DNA, so BJason figures that means they are identical twins. SJason tells them that Liz told him Susan had given birth to twins. Sam says they heard the same story. BJason mentions trying to find more information from Betsy, only to have her skip town.

BJason believes SJason is twin Drew and calls him that. SJason says the only name he's ever known is "Jason". Carly wants their fingerprints tested, but Jordan says Helena wiped out the database. Sam decides they need to get answers from Franco.

Alexis heads to Llanview to talk to Nora Buchanan about her client Olivia Jerome. Alexis wants Olivia to admit that Julian wasn't her accomplice and make a statement at his appeal, but Nora's not having it.

Nelle shows up at Crimson, looking for her last paycheck, She gets into an argument with Maxie. Lulu shows up, so Nelle takes off in a huff. Maxie shows Lulu the article she wrote about Man Landers. Lulu admits she's a little jealous and is bored with the stable family life.

Maxie suggests Lulu come back to work at Crimson, but Lulu says she can't work with Nina. Lulu's interested in becoming a journalist, but worries that she won't make the cut. Maxie says she believes in her.

Amy complains to Nathan that she didn't know Chet was addicted to painkillers and she can't get through to him. Nathan introduces himself to Chet and commiserates with him. Chet recognizes Man Landers, but doesn't want to talk to him.

Nelle runs into Michael and tells him that she lost her job. She blames it all on Maxie. She complains that she has to wait until payday. Michael tells her to stand up for herself.

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Liz tells Franco about her visit with SJason at the station, which makes him uncomfortable. Liz has to reassure Franco that she loves him, no matter which Jason is which. She asks Franco to drop the charges to prove he's changed.

Scott shows up at the door and wants Franco to come forward with what he knows, otherwise things will get worse. Franco believes he'll lose Liz, since whichever "Jason" doesn't win Sam will turn to her.

Both Jasons and Sam show up looking for answers that Franco may have left out. Franco says Andre gave him the death certificate, then disappeared.

Amy storms into Chet's room to tell him he's being released and will be staying with her. Chet doesn't want her charity. She warns him she'll have him tossed into the psych ward because she's not giving up on him.

Nathan stops by to see Maxie, disappointed about his visit with Chet. The two talk about Man Landers and how no one can find out the truth. Nelle is eavesdropping and overhears.

The Jasons continue to argue with each other. Sam tells them that they need to get along, since they're brothers.

Liz hopes they can find Andre soon so he can tell them which Jason is which. Franco tosses the confirmation paper into the fire. 

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