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Perkie's Observations: Carly Inserts Herself Into "Jason World" on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

SJason has a nightmare that he kills BJason while Sam cries beside him. Carly stops by to let him know that she's going to clean up the mess she made. He says he can't make a move against his brother without it hurting Sam.

Carly feels he needs to fight for himself and for Sam, even though SJason says he doesn't want Sam caught in the middle. Carly says Sam needs to decide who she wants to be with, and apparently that decision needs to be made RIGHTNOW.

BJason promises Sam he won't let his brother take over his life and he will fight. He feels the fight will be against CarSon, who are on SJason's side.

Nina's not happy when Valentin tells her that he'll be working with Cassandra. Valentin says Cassie's dealing opioids and the only way to take her down is from the inside. Nina points out that Valentin is not in law enforcement and he tells her that he'll be working with Anna.

Nina doesn't want him working with Anna, but Valentin says Cassandra fired off a warning shot when she "pretended" to run into her and Charlotte. Nina understands and offers to help, but Valentin doesn't want her anywhere near this. Later, Nina calls Cassandra for a meeting.

Monica tells Jordan and Anna that Andre abandoned his position and left. Jordan says she's put out an APB on Andre. She explains to Anna the tale of two Jasons. Anna mentions that Andre was working on brain mapping, but that the WSB cut him loose.

Alexis complains to Diane that Nora won't help her with Julian's appeal. Diane doesn't care what happens to Julian and reminds Alexis that he nearly destroyed her. Diane wants Alexis to move on with her life, but Alexis feels she would never forgive herself if Julian dies in prison. Alexis wonders who's paying Nora's bills as Olivia Jerome's attorney. The two figure out that it must be Valentin.

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Monica stops by to see SJason because heaven forbid he should seek out his mother on his own. She points out that both men are Alan's sons and blames Heather for the mess. SJason admits he's been unfair to the family over the years, but says he loves her. Monica hopes the brothers will come to accept each other over time.

BJason has a meeting with Peter August to hire a new COO for Aurora Media. Peter's been doing his homework and says Aurora has been mismanaged. He believes he can turn it around. He asks about BJason's identity issues and how it could put the ownership of the media company in doubt. BJason reassures him that he is Jason Morgan and he owns the company.

BJason runs into Diane, who tells him that she's resigning as his attorney because she doesn't believe that he's Jason Morgan. BJason warns her to stay away from his family. He's not happy when Diane says she's going to prove he's not Jason.

SJason shows up for his meeting with Diane and tells her that he doesn't want a fight. Diane says it's not just about his name, but about all the assets. She needs to establish who he is, then he can do what he wants. She says they need to subpoena the case file of his first arrest.

Alexis shows up at Wyndemere for a chat with Valentin.

Carly pays Sam a visit. She tells Sam that her husband, while being a good man, is not Jason Morgan. She says Sam would have known he wasn't Jason, but accepted him and is now loyal to him.

Sam says her husband is afraid that everyone will take everything away from him. Carly says she has to make the choice because Andrew will fight, while Jason won't. Carly says Andrew is a good man, but Jason owns Sam's heart. 

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