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Bill Declares His Love For Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

Don Diamont

Steffy is crying in Bill's arms about Liam's cheating (remember if you hear it enough, it happened...and you will). Bill tells her she deserves much more from a man and that she's not alone.

Liam is trying to get in touch with Steffy, but his calls keep going to voice mail. Wyatt tells him to be patient. He assures Liam that Steffy needs some time and will come around.

Bill's attempts at comforting Steffy makes it sound like Liam is the ultimate cad. He says Liam doesn't see how uniquely special she really is. He tells her the same thing he told Brooke...she's unlike any woman he's ever known before.

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Wyatt talks up Bill and Sky. It's the same speech Bill gave to Liam a  week or two ago. Prime location, jobs for everyone, and LA will thrive under her shadow. Wyatt tells Liam that Bill's sons are the most important thing to him. He reminds Liam he wouldn't have all his riches without him. Liam says he would give it all back if Steffy would walk through the door. He vows to fix his grave error and make it up to Steffy.

Bill admits to Steffy he understands how she feels. Steffy wonders what's wrong with her. He says she's perfect. Bill tells her that until now, he's been supportive of her marriage. He thinks Liam may not be the man for her.

Bill tells her he cherishes every moment he's with her. Steffy is grateful he was there when she needed him. Bill tells her he loves her and will always be there for her. He keeps pouring on the charm as they stare deeply into each other's eyes.