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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Threatens Valentin with Sonny on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Nancy Lee Grahn

James Patrick Stuart, Nancy Lee Grahn

Alexis wants to know Valentin's connection to Liv Jerome, but he denies any knowledge. Alexis believes he's paying Nora's legal bills. She tells him she wants access to Liv so she can say she coerced Julian into helping her. Alexis warns if Valentin doesn't do as she wants, she'll let Sonny know that he's paying her legal bills.

Lulu tells Maxie that she's written an article for the Port Charles Parenting website about school lunches. Maxie tries to read it, but gets sick. Lulu thinks Maxie is pregnant, but Maxie thinks it's just stress. Maxie feels the timing is all wrong.

Laura interviews Nelle for a position in the hospital daycare center. Nelle spins a yarn about how she left Crimson because she wanted to work with children again.

Nina meets with Cassandra. She says she knows about the former romantic relationship with Valentin, but understands that it's all in the past. Nina pretends to play nice and wants them to be friends.

Julian is angry with Scott for sending Alexis to see him. He doesn't want her involved. Scott says he needs to get Julian out, but has no idea what to do for the appeal.

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Nathan hands Amy a paperback copy of the book and tells her how well sales are doing. She's still upset that Chet doesn't want her help. Nathan shows her a passage in the book where she gave advice to someone else in the same situation.

Lulu walks in as Laura is about to hire Nelle. She tells her mother the truth about Nelle's firing. Laura decides she doesn't want Nelle working with kids and doesn't offer her the job.

Nelle spots Amy and Nathan talking about the book. She decides to call a tip line and tell them the truth about Man Landers.

Maxie buys herself a pregnancy test.

Valentin goes to Nora. He tells her to have Liv to testify at Julian's appeal and exonerate him or he'll stop paying her. 

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