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A Storage Unit Heats Up Abby and Scott on The Young and the Restless

Chelsea gets more exposure than she bargained for.
Melissa Ordway, Daniel Hall

Melissa Ordway, Daniel Hall

Abby used sexology to distract Scott from a PTSD episode.

Chelsea isn't happy with Hilary trashing Jordan on TV. Hilary thinks Chelsea should be grateful she kept her name out of it.

Jordan visits Phyllis. He claims she was in cahoots with Hilary. Phyllis claims they were just having fun until Billy showed up.

Noah informs Nick that he's accepting Victor's job offer to run Top of the Tower.

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Dina tells Paul and Sharon she doesn't have any information on Scott. Suddenly, she remembers hearing Abby's voice and a place called Roadside.

A woman calls The Hilary Hour and talks about a scam. She talks about Jordan and an accomplice. When the email picture appears on the screen, even Hilary is speechless when she sees it's Chelsea.

Sharon and Paul get to the storage unit, but Abby and Scott are not there.

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