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Perkie's Observations: SJason Turns on Ava on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Ava wants Griffin to finish Klein's surgery. He feels it would be dangerous since it hasn't been approved. Griffin worries he'll make things worse and won't take the risk. Ava just wants to be her old self again and thinks she'll just find someone else to do it.

Carly still wants to set up a time to meet Oscar's mom. She has him text his mother an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner, which he does. After Carly leaves, Oscar tells Joss that he hasn't told his mother who Sonny is yet.

Oscar and Joss discuss who his dad could be. They decide he was in the army. Joss says the Iraq war started in 2003 and Oscar thinks that his father might have been deployed and killed in action. They find a possible match on social media. They find man named Oscar who was a wounded pilot. They decide to reach out to him.

SJason's trying to figure out who's behind the twin mess. He can only think of Helena. Sonny mentions Faison and Obrecht. When the talk turns to Morgan, Sonny waxes poetic about his wonderful boy. (I remind Sonny that Morgan was a douche, even on the meds.)

Ava and Griffin head to the Metro Court (Why? They know Carly hates her and there must be another restaurant in town they could go to.) SJason spots her and heads over to thank them both for helping him out of the Russian clinic.

Carly interrupts. She tells SJason that Ava is the one who killed Morgan and explains how. Ava tries to defend herself saying she was only trying to protect Kiki. SJason is angry and informs her that his debt is paid and they're done.

Carly tears a strip off of Ava because Carly doesn't understand the concept of hypocrisy.

Nelle meets with the editor of The Invader to give him the real scoop on Man Landers. She basically throws Amy, Nathan, Maxie, and Nina under the bus for money. The editor points out that she'll be tanking Man Landers and Crimson, but Nelle doesn't care.

Amy freaks out when Chet disappears from the hospital. Nathan assures her that they will find him. They head out to find a cab that might have picked him up.

Maxie spends three years trying to take a pregnancy test. (Why do television characters read their pee dripping tests in the living room?) Chet shows up at her door looking for Man Landers.

Chet mentions that he left the hospital because Amy was too much. Maxie calls him a coward and says Amy has worked her butt off to bring in money for his bills. Chet is surprised when Maxie says the VA didn't pay for his bills, but Amy did.

Chet questions where Amy got the money. Maxie explains that Amy got the money from being the real Man Landers, just as Amy and Nathan arrive. (Way to keep a secret there, Maxie.)

SJason heads to the bridge. Someone arrives that puts a smile on his face. (I'm guessing my girl Robin is back in town.)

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