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Steffy Does More Than Kiss on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Steffy wakes up all warm and fuzzy in bed with Bill. Liam recalls his confession with his wife. Just a reminder...she was disgusted and left. Liam wonders where she is.

Quinn and Eric are sharing a quiet night at home. Quinn tells him she's going to take cooking classes with a top LA chef two nights a week. Eric vows that nothing will ever break them up again.

Carter gets a call from Liam. He asks him to stop over on his way home.

Steffy's hyperventilating. She runs out of the bedroom with Bill calling after her. She comes back dressed and freaking out that "it" should have never happened. Bill claims they wanted it to. 

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Eric comes from another room with Sheila's portrait wondering what to do with it. He thinks she got her money for it and Mateo from property she sold in Genoa City. Quinn gets an alert that she has a package. When she goes to retrieve it out front, she hears a door close at the guesthouse. She and Eric investigate and find the lights on and the bed messed up. Quinn thinks Sheila's been there.

Bill goes to Spencer. He thinks about his dirty time with Steffy. He smiles slyly when he remembers it.

Steffy comes home. She starts crying and apologizes to Liam. She cries that she should have never left. Liam says it's not her fault, but his. He keeps his apology train running whilst Steffy looks at him in horror. She says she loves him and doesn't care about his kisses with Sally.

Eric finds jewelry in the bathroom. Quinn tells him it belongs to Steffy. They wonder why she would be there without telling anyone.

Liam assures Steffy that she's home and all is forgiven.