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Jack and Ashley Face the Truth About Dina on The Young and the Restless

Peter Bergman, Eileen Davidson

Peter Bergman, Eileen Davidson

Abby scores Zack's motel key by posing as a girlfriend. Abby thinks they should wait for the police, but Scott says the time to act is now.

Ashley sees Victoria at Crimson Lights. She goes after Victoria for putting out a press release that makes Abby look bad. Victoria hints that Abby may be hiding out like she has before.

Chelsea wants to know what Nick's thinking. Nick doesn't think he can believe a con artist. Later, Chelsea admits she's worried about her business. She tries to convince Nick she's not the same woman.

Victor complains to Paul that his assets are frozen and he can't conduct business. He threatens Paul and the GCPD.

Abby and Scott search Zack's motel room, but don't find anything. Zack comes in with a gun. Abby tells him she will go with him if he spares Scott's life. He asks if she and Scott had sex. Scott denies it.

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Jack hires a doctor for Dina's defense. The doctor asks specific memory questions. Dina struggles to answer them correctly. When she fails to draw a clock, Jack boots him out.

At Newman, Victoria tells Neil not to question her. He tells her he's just doing his job and he knows what he's doing. She says she does too and she's tired of being stepped on.

Jack tells Ashley the doctor frustrated Dina. He lies that she answered most of the questions. Ashley sees the clock she drew and tells Jack something is very wrong. She forces Jack to admit Dina has Alzheimer's.

Zack tells the lovers to say goodbye as the gun fires.

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