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Liam Convinces Steffy to Renew Their Vows on The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Bill thinks about bedtime with Steffy. He summons Justin to the office.

Liam reminds Steffy he's the one who betrayed their vows. Steffy wishes they could go back to a time before the building came down.

Wyatt's pretending to deliver pizza to Katie's bedroom whilst she plays coy in her lingerie. When she answers the door, Wyatt is dressed in an open shirt with a pornstache. I think you can figure out what happens next.

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Bill wants Justin to get the jet and yacht ready for action. Justin wonders who he is going away with. He tells Bill he needs it for the manifest. Bill says it's Mrs. Spencer.

Carter stops by Liam's. He wants him to renew their vows...right now. Steffy starts panicking because she's not ready. He tells her he believes in them and wants to say the words out loud. She agrees to a fresh start.

After sex, Wyatt and Katie talk about different ways to tell Bill about their affair.

Liam and Steffy renew their vows. After Carter leaves, they hug. Bill thinks about his upcoming plans.