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Perkie's Observations: Liz and BJason Have a Chat with Jake on General Hospital

Robin reunites with SJason on the bridge.
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Billy Miller, Hudson West, Rebecca Herbst

Billy Miller, Hudson West, Rebecca Herbst

Robin is shocked and confused to see SJason. She mentions being with "Jason" at Crighton Clark and says BJason saved her from the hospital bomb. She wonders who he could be. SJason explains about the twin brother.

Robin counters that maybe he's the twin, but SJason says he remembers things about their past. Robin reminds him that the other Jason has those memories too. SJason uses the expression, 'icing on the cake' and Robin decides he is the correct Jason and the two hug.

SJason says Diane is trying to find a case with his fingerprints, but all he's interested in is finding out who was responsible.

Amy and Nathan walk in as Maxie is announcing to Chet who the real Man Landers is. Amy admits to Chet that she needed to pay for his treatment and knew he'd be too proud to accept it otherwise.

After Amy explains everything, Chet realizes all that she's done for him and is thankful. The two share a hug. Maxie reminds him that no one can know the truth.

Curtis lets BJason know that the trail for Betsy has run cold (seriously, how could a woman like Betsy just vanish). He tried to see Heather, but she's got a vow of silence going on. BJason says Curtis needs to start looking into Andre and his disappearance.

Liz thinks they need to tell Jake about the two Jasons, but Franco poo-poos the idea. He feels it would be too confusing for Jake. Liz feels it's best if Jake hears it from them first.

Kiki apologizes to Ava for giving the flash drive to Griffin. Ava says no doctor will risk performing the surgery. Andre sends the twin painting back to Franco, who decides to bring it to Ava to sell at the gallery.

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Franco doesn't want a reminder of his dark past in Liz's house. Ava wonders what he's going to do now that there are two Jasons. Ava thinks Franco's worried that one of the Jasons will make a play for Liz.

Nina wants to discuss Crimson's budget concerns with Sam and mentions the sale of the company might be in question. Sam's not interested in Nina's thoughts, but Nina says she understands waking up and finding out everyone else has moved on.

Nina wonders if Sam is in love with two men. Sam emphatically declares herself in love with her husband and is committed to their life together. (If anyone else is keeping track, Sam has not called her husband by his name since this thing started. He's always been referred as 'her husband'.)

Jordan asks Curtis for his professional help in finding Andre. Curtis explains that BJason has already asked him and he's on the case.

Liz summons BJason to the house to tell Jake about the twin. BJason tells Jake that other one has his old face, but that he's the real Jason and he's Jake's father.

Franco gets home and overhears Liz thank BJason for the talk. BJason is grateful that she believes in him.

Nina and Maxie both get a text that The Invader has the scoop about Man Landers. 

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