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Will Asks Susan About His True Identity on Days of Our Lives

Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson

Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson

Will flashes back to Sonny telling him he's his husband. Sami pleads with Will to remember. He has no memory of anyone he came in contact with from Salem.

Sami tries to make the police officer understand that Will was kidnapped and is not dead. She demands to see Rafe, but the officer tells her he left Memphis and she's on her own. Enter mama Marlena.

Paul tries to call Sonny, but gets voice mail. He apologizes and tells Sonny he loves him. John shows up and comforts Paul.

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Adrienne comes to see Sonny.

Susan brings a tray for Will. She finds the "EJ" letters on the floor. He asks her if he's really EJ or if he's Will Horton.

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