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Perkie's Observations: Cassandra Wants Sonny's Help on General Hospital

Finn offers to help Anna.
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Jessica Tuck, James Patrick Stuart, Maurice Benard

Jessica Tuck, James Patrick Stuart, Maurice Benard

The residents of Port Charles prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Sonny tells SJason he has no choice but to attend Thanksgiving or Carly will screech all of their ears off. SJason agrees, but first he has to pay someone a visit.

Cassandra introduces herself to Sonny and feels they can do business together. Valentin walks up. Sonny declares he's not interested and walks away. Valentin is not happy with Cassandra for approaching Sonny. She says Sonny controls the waterfront. Valentin says Sonny won't let drugs through his territory.

Ned wants to discuss the two Jasons with Michael, and the impact it may have on ELQ. Michael's not interested. Monica interrupts to tell Olivia that no one will be home for Thanksgiving because she will be heading to a spa. Ned mentions again that ELQ stock will take a hit and be in jeopardy because of the two Jasons.

Finn runs into Chet at the gym and commiserates about having an addiction. He also tells Chet to fix things with Amy and accept her help. Later, Finn runs into Sonny and wants to talk about the drug trade in PC. He says people are dying and he's trying to fix the problem.

Sonny says only a dent can be put in the drug trade since there is always someone else ready to fill the void.

Amy believes Maxie leaked the Man Landers story to The Invader, but Maxie denies it. Quinn shows up. She's upset the publishing company has taken a hit and the readers feel duped. Quinn wants them to go public and take responsibility.

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Mac and Felicia are thrilled to see that Robin is in town for the holidays. Robin wants information from Anna about her relationship with Finn. Anna says they're only in the early stages, but Robin suspects her mother is holding back and wants the truth. Anna says she wants things to be casual.

SJason shows up at the mansion. Monica tells him about her plans to go to a spa. She admits she's running away because the holidays are too difficult. SJason invites her to the Corinthos Thanksgiving, but she says she'd rather stick cocktail forks in her eyeballs. Monica's thankful that SJason is home.

Michael runs into SJason and admits he was hiding from his uncle. Michael says he offered the other Jason a job at ELQ because part of him knew that it wasn't the real Jason. He feels guilty that he put his faith in the other Jason. SJason says there is nothing to apologize for and the two hug.

Ned complains to Olivia that this is the correct Jason, but that the other twin will try to hold onto the identity, and things will get ugly.

Quinn decides to live stream an apology from Amy and Nathan, just as Chet arrives. Amy addresses the Internet and admits she's the writer and not Nathan, but swears it wasn't a scam. Chet interrupts to let the world know that he's a wounded vet and Amy did it to help him. Quinn is shocked, but pleased when sales of the book start to rise again.

Finn arrives at Anna's for Thanksgiving, saying he wants to keep fake dating as long as it takes to bring Cassandra down. Valentin calls Anna and tells her that Cassandra's planning a new product that is cheaper and more addictive. Finn wants to help in taking her down. 

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