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Perkie's Observations: Robin Tries to Explain Jason's Memories on General Hospital

Sam worries about Alexis' feelings for Julian.
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Billy Miller, Kimberly McCullough

Billy Miller, Kimberly McCullough

Thanksgiving continues in Port Charles......

Cameron and Aiden are let out of Audrey's closet long enough to have a scene of thanks with Franco, Liz and Jake. But alas, it only lasted 9 seconds until they were banished upstairs, not to be seen until the Christmas episode. All kidding aside, Franco gives thanks for his new family and vows to protect them. (I remind Franco, that he's the one they all need protecting from, but no one's listening to me.)

Robin stops by Casa Corinthos on her "I'm in town for Thanksgiving with Anna tour". Carly's quick to share the blame of labeling Jake Doe as Jason Morgan. CarSon actually allow Robin and SJason a chance to talk.

Robin brings up Sam. SJason says he doesn't blame her for moving on. He doesn't want to put Sam in the middle of his mess. Robin says she understands. She tells him about her return and how Patrick had moved on.

Michael and SJason discuss Morgan. Michael admits that he resented Morgan and how he had to take care of him. Michael explains what happened with Nelle.

BJason tells Sam and Alexis the news station is breaking into the day's broadcast for a story about Liv Jerome. After he leaves, Alexis asks Sam if she's heard from Patient Six. Sam says she loves her husband, but questions what she's supposed to do if it turns out Six is the real Jason. Sam is determined not to betray her husband and focus on Aurora.

Ava emails a Dr. Zajac about restoring her face. Griffin stops by with turkey subs from Kelly's for Thanksgiving. He feels she's the best person to spend the day with and Ava is thankful for his company.

Ava and Griffin, Sonny and Carly, Alexis and Sam happen to catch Nora giving a press conference. She reads a statement from Liv Jerome. Nora announces that Julian was not acting of his free will. Liv claims she forced him and he's not responsible for the crimes.

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BJason stops by to see Liz and Jake. He complains to Liz that CarSon believe Six is the true Jason. He wonders where his twin came from. Liz tells him not to stress out and they will find the answers.

Robin stops by and things get awkward between her and BJason. She admits that she thought he was the real Jason when they were at Crichton Clark, but now believes that Six is the real Jason.

BJason says he remembers her, their past, and he can feel it. Robin counters that his mind was messed with and he was convinced he is Jason. BJason doesn't understand how he could have been programmed. Robin says all they know for sure is he's a Quartermaine and Scout's father.

After Robin leaves, Franco, who was eavesdropping from the kitchen, tells BJason not to give up his identity without a fight. BJason doesn't care about Franco's opinion so he leaves. Liz wonders why Franco reached out to BJason. He claims it's because Liz and the boys are important to him. (I think he's mind effing BJason to start a fight with SJason.)

After Nora's press conference, Carly and Sonny wonder if Alexis was the one who instigated it to help Julian.

Alexis tells Sam that Julian will likely get another trial out of this. Sam reminds her mother of the horrible things Julian did to her. She says Julian has other crimes that he hasn't paid for. (I remind Sam that hypocrisy is not a pretty thing.)

Sam questions her mother's feelings and Alexis admits that she will be relieved when Julian is released. Alexis says she's a Cassadine and she's drawn to Julians world. They are both toxic, but understand each other.

SJason shows up at Sam's door.

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