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Abigail Delivers Some Good News to Chad on Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn, Marci Miller

Billy Flynn, Marci Miller

JJ visits Theo in the hospital. He's still unconscious. He apologizes and tells him he made a terrible mistake. He pleads with Theo to wake up. When Theo wakes up, he yanks his hand away from JJ. He reaches under the covers and pulls out a gun. He shoots JJ, ending his nightmare.

Abe and Lani are in Theo's room. She tells Abe that Doug and Julie are opening Doug's Place for family and friends on Thanksgiving. Abe vows he's not giving thanks until Theo opens his eyes.

Abigail tells Chad that Will is alive and back in Salem. He tries to leave to go see him, but Abigail holds him back. She needs to tell him something first.

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Happy Thanksgiving DC readers!

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