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Perkie's Observations: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on General Hospital

BJason and Monica forge a deeper bond.
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Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun

Thanksgiving continues and concludes in Port Charles....

The Ashfords and Dr. Bensch are invited to Alexis', while Naxie, KevLaura and Nolivia head to Lante's.

Meanwhile at Casa JaSam, SJason wants Sam to tell him what to do about his name. He explains that Diane is trying to prove that he's the real deal, but will tell her to stop if Sam wants her husband to use the name.

SJason says he knows who he is, so it doesn't matter what name he goes by, as long as Sam and her husband can go on with their lives. Sam feels he's making things harder, and says her husband has all the same memories and feelings. She questions whether he would leave town because CarSon will never allow it. SJason feels things will get worse before they get better. Sam says she just wants the truth so they can all move forward.

BJason heads to the Quartermaine mansion where he runs into Monica. Her flight was grounded due to weather. He questions whether their relationship is still good since CarSon and Robin have turned away from him.

Monica says he won't lose his family because CarSon are not his family. BJason counters that it could turn out that he's not the real deal. Monica says they've formed a relationship and he'll always be family to her. BJason says he's grateful that she's his mother.

At Casa Davis, Molly wonders if her mother has spoken to Kristina lately. Alexis says her daughter refuses to talk to her. Stella brings up Nora's news conference, which is news to Molly. Jordan explains how Liv Jerome has taken full responsibility and absolved Julian.

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Alexis carries out the cooked turkey only to trip on something and have it fall to the floor. (Personally, I would have picked it up and served it anyway. How dirty could the floor have been?) Alexis is grateful for all of David's help and the two share a kiss.

At Casa Spencer-Falconeri, Lulu wants to know if Maxie is pregnant, but she feels Nathan should be the first to know anything. Ned talks to Laura about redeveloping ELQ Charles Street. Ned hears that Monica is stranded so he calls and invites her, but she declines.

When the food is served, Maxie gets nauseous and knocks the food off the table. Back at home, Nathan's concerned for Maxie until she tells him that she's pregnant.

At Casa Corinthos, Oscar and his mom Kim are the invited guests. Once Oscar and Joss are out of the room, Kim lets them know that she's fully aware of Sonny's profession, despite his claims that he's just a coffee importer.

Kim says she has some concerns. Carly points out that she's been trying to set up a meeting with her for weeks. Kim counters that she's been busy with her medical practice, but promises she won't come between Oscar and Joss.

Kim feels that it's a teenage crush that won't last and she's fine with letting it play out. Carly doesn't see it the same way.

Jason arrives. Kim recognizes him and calls him Drew.

The Lante and Davis groups head over to Monica's with pizza to celebrate the holiday.