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Ridge Isn't Happy When His Little Brother Comes Home on The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye

Thorsten Kaye

Eric tells Ridge and Brooke he's thrilled that Thanksgiving went well. He wants Bridge to be happy and questions what their next move is. Ridge admits he's ready to throw the ball into the end zone, but Brooke drops the pass.

Thorne walks through the unlocked door, surprising Ridge, Brooke, and Eric. Ridge makes a snarky comment about his reappearance and welcomes Thorne home through gritted teeth. Brooke gushes and giggles when she sees Thorne. She gives him a big hug. 

In case you forgot what happened last week with Liam, Steffy, and Bill, he has flashbacks. Then right after, Steffy has flashbacks. Liam interrupts Steffy's thoughts wondering what's on her mind. She lies and says she's happy Bill and Liam made up.

Wyatt is upset that he's in the dark when it comes to Bill and Liam's relationship. Bill tells Wyatt they're making a fresh start.

Liam tells Steffy he and Bill are both grateful for her unrelenting efforts. Liam apologizes again for what happened with Sally. He promises never to betray her again. He wants her to go to work with him to kick off his "new" first day at Spencer.

Thorne admits he had to get away and threw himself into work after Aly died. He says there will always be a void, but it's time to come home to Los Angeles. Brooke and Eric are excited, but Ridge isn't.

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Ridge tells Thorne they were talking about Brooke returning to him before he waltzed in. She shoots Ridge a dirty look (not in a good way). Ridge pushes the reunion concept, much to Brooke's irritation and Thorne's amusement.

Wyatt brings up Steffy leaving Liam for the night and wonders where she went. Liam and Steffy come into the office, breaking Bill's flashback (sigh). Liam tells everyone again how grateful he is, how wonderful his family is, and how amazing Steffy's negotiating skills are.

Bill tells them he's committed to getting Spectra up and running. Once that's in motion, he will move forward with Sky. Liam keeps chattering on about family, respect, and reconciliation, while Steffy and Bill have yet another flashback about their hot night together.

Thorne presses Ridge about how he really feels. He tells Ridge to stop calling him little brother. He adds that if Ridge needs to call him something with brother in it, it should be half-brother because that's who he really is. Ridge gets offended when Thorne reminds him he has Marone DNA. He accuses Thorne of having a chip on his shoulder and antagonizing him. Brooke has a ringside seat to the action.

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