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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Stops Ava's Surgery on General Hospital

Alexis runs into Julian.
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Maura West, Matt Cohen

Maura West, Matt Cohen

Alexis runs into Julian at The Rib. He says he's out on bond thanks to Liv's statement. Julian says he believes Alexis coerced Liv to help him out, but she denies it. Julian asks about her day, but Alexis doesn't want to get personal with him.

Joss and Oscar figure out Andrew is his father based on Kim's reaction to SJason. They want more information, so they head over to JaSam's. Joss says she's there for research to find a missing person.

BJason doesn't believe their story. Before the kids get a chance to explain, Kim shows up looking for them. After they leave, BJason tells Sam that he thinks he's met Kim before.

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Jordan and Curtis continue celebrating Thanksgiving together and discuss trying to find Andre. Later, Curtis gets information that Andre is in Cuba, so the two decide to head down there.

Griffin worries about Ava's whereabouts. Dr. Zajac gets ready to do the procedure, but Ava freaks out. Dr. Zajac offers to push things back until February. Ava decides to go ahead. Griffin shows up to save Ava.

Ava admits she's worried Griffin will leave her. He assures her and the two kiss.

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