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Bill Urges Steffy to Keep Quiet on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

Don Diamont

Liam and Steffy face the new day with Liam talking about how wonderful she is...again. She doesn't want Liam to put her on a pedestal. She regrets walking out on him and is happy to be his she thinks of Bill.

Bill is thinking of Steffy and can't concentrate on work. He has a flashback of their post-coital discussion about keeping their tryst a secret.

Coco wonders why Sally is stressing about picking out the right earrings. She tells Coco that she is going to see Liam...just to see how he's doing. As she and Coco discuss Steffy and Liam moving on, Sally thinks about her lust in the dust moments with Liam. Sally doesn't want to cause problems for the happy couple.

Steffy can't stop thinking about Bill as she gets ready for work. Liam wonders why she's shaking. She claims she has the chills. He hugs it out with her.

Darlita stops by to see Coco. They chat about Liam and Sally. Darlita has the scoop on how Sally really feels about Liam. Coco looks surprised that Darlita put the puzzle together. Coco admits they kissed and makes Darlita promise to keep her trap shut about it.

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Sally stops by Liam's. She's gobsmacked by the view. She comments that he and Steffy looked happy at Thanksgiving. Liam feels very lucky. Sally says she's surprised that Steffy was so accommodating at the holiday table. Liam comments that Steffy left one woman the night she walked out on him...and came back another.

Steffy runs to Bill's. She claims she can't keep the secret any longer. Bill tells her she's strong enough to handle it. She whines that she has to keep lying to Liam. Over and over and over. She tells Bill it will haunt her forever. Bill wonders if she's willing to risk her marriage. He tells her to give it time. He doesn't want to lose Liam and wants to protect his family.

Sally confesses to Liam she can't stop thinking about what ha-happened between them. She wants to focus on rebuilding Spectra, courtesy of Bill. 

Steffy tells Bill what they did was a mistake. She wants to give Liam the same integrity and honesty that Liam gave her. Bill says she won't have a marriage left if she does. Later, Bill admits he can't block out his feelings for her. He thinks they are meant to be.

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