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Perkie's Observations: Jason Thinks The Trail Leads to Faison on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Dominic Zamprogna

Steve Burton, Dominic Zamprogna

Maxie and Nathan gather their loved ones together to announce the pregnancy. The grandparents, along with Sam and Lulu, are thrilled. Nina and Robin show up later to offer their congratulations.

SJason wants Dante's help. Dante tells him that his brother saved his life, but he accepts that SJason is the real deal. SJason says he needs the file of the night Faison shot him. Dante gives him the file, but is quick to tell him he's not happy SJason is back to enable Sonny.

In Cuba, Jordan and Curtis search for Andre. Curtis believes he has a lead and plans on flushing Andre out. Andre shows up, but tells them he's not going back to the States. Curtis says Jason deserves the truth, but Andre says Jordan doesn't have jurisdiction. Jordan appeals to Andre to make this right.

Valentin is not happy to see Nina meeting with Cassandra, and less happy when Nina announces that they're friends. Alone, Valentin tells Nina that he's worried, but she's certain she can get some information out of Cassandra. When Nina tries to get info, Cassie shuts her down.

Finn checks in with Anna on the plan to arrest Cassandra. He says he wants to develop Cassandra's new drug, but Anna says it's too dangerous. The two get into an argument, which Robin interrupts.

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After Robin leaves, Anna explains the impact of drug addiction on her life because of Robin. Valentin shows up and agrees with Finn's plan to help Cassandra create the drug. Valentin says Cassandra trusts Finn, but Anna says she'll arrest Finn for interfering if he doesn't let this go.

Lulu tells Sam she's writing blog columns and asks about working for Aurora. Sam gives her a number for the new COO, Peter August.

Robin apologizes to Sam about her feelings for the Jasons, but Sam doesn't want to hear it.

SJason feels that Faison must be behind his disappearance. Dante agrees, but says Faison's whereabouts are unknown and the only link they have is his obsession with Anna.

SJason heads over to Anna's to ask where Faison is. Anna tells him to check with Liesl. 

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